Spindle Natural Latex & Organic Cotton Mattress

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/10/2021

Spindle produces a natural latex mattress that is wrapped in natural Wool and Organic Cotton for a truly natural experience. Spindle mattresses are a bit different; it comes in three separate boxes and requires some assembly. Nonetheless, the result is a mattress that offers a very contouring and comforting experience throughout the night. 

Natural & Organic

In the world of mattresses, latex is regarded as one of the most natural compounds that can be used by a manufacturer. Latex is sourced from the Rubber Tree, native to South America and Pacific Countries, and largely avoids the chemicals used in other designs such as memory foam mattresses. Natural latex is much denser (and therefore heavier) than the foams used in more common mattresses.

“Of all the mattresses we’ve seen, latex and non-latex alike, the Spindle natural latex is perhaps the most customizable and versatile one.”

Spindle’s natural latex mattress also makes use of Eco-Wool sourced from the Woolgatherer Carding Mill in Montague, California. This is an all-natural flame retardant that also serves as a moisture-wicking material, as well as a thermal regulator. That is; it helps reduce moisture, keeps you warm in the winter, and keeps you cool in the summer. The Spindle mattress’s outermost layer is made from woven organic cotton to help provide a chemical-free experience.


Spindle’s mattress is topped by a 1″ thick natural wool wrapped in Organic cotton and has an optional matching foundation made of solid spruce.

American Made

Spindle’s natural latex mattress is made from high-quality materials in such a way as to minimize overall chemical usage. In addition to these drastic steps, Spindle has also committed itself to support its local economy as much as possible. Every Spindle mattress is manufactured in its own US-located facilities. Many of their materials, such as the natural latex, does get sourced from foreign countries—but only because those materials aren’t domestically available. Take the natural latex material for example; this material comes from the Rubberwood tree (hevea brasiliensis) that is common in countries such as Guatemala or Vietnam. This tree doesn’t grow natively in the United States—any latex mattress is likely going to be using imported latex. For those interested, the latex used in Spindle’s mattresses is Oeko-Tex 100 – Class I certified, which is the most stringent quality standard for latex.


Spindle’s natural latex mattress comes in several layers that can be arranged to meet any sleeper’s comfort preference.

By The Numbers

The Spindle natural latex mattress comes in all the standard mattress sizes and in 10” thick. This consists of its outermost cotton and wool cover and three layers of natural latex. Each latex layer is 3” thick and the outermost layer adds another inch. As many unfortunate customers in the world have found out—mattresses are often only as good as their guarantees and warranties. No matter how well-reviewed or manufactured a mattress is, there’s a chance that you could get a lemon or simply realize it isn’t the mattress for you. The only way to truly know how well you’ll like a mattress is to sleep on it. Spindle offers a 365-day money-back guarantee, a 10-year warranty, and a truly unique 25-year comfort program during which you can buy discounted replacement parts for your mattress (a new top layer for example).

Mattress Sizes

As with most mattresses on the market today, the Spindle Natural Latex mattress is available in a variety of sizes. One exception is that this mattress isn’t available in the California King bed size. Also, note that the weight of the King size mattress is nearly double of the twin-size mattress. Latex mattresses are made of much denser material than memory foam products and therefore weigh considerably more. There’s nothing to worry about here—just something one needs to be aware of before ordering!


Twin XL























95 lbs.

100 lbs.

125 lbs.

150 lbs.

180 lbs.

In addition to the Spindle Latex mattress coming in various sizes, as is common to nearly every mattress on the market, this mattress allows for reconfiguration based on one’s sleep preferences. This dynamic design allows the switching around of different layers of natural Latex to alter one’s overall sleep comfort level. Below you’ll see an illustration of how these layers work. Check out our article on the bed frame and mattress sizes to ensure you order the right size for your bed!

Firmness Configurations




Extra Firm

Top Layer

3″ Medium

3″ Medium

3″ Medium

3″ Firm

Middle Layer

3″ Medium

3″ Medium

3″ Firm

3″ Firm

Bottom Layer

3″ Medium

3″ Firm

3″ Firm

3″ Firm

This multi-layer approach is an excellent way to help provide multiple options for sleepers around the world. If you decide the “firm” of natural latex isn’t what you had in mind, you can easily switch this mattress to “soft.” Between flipping layers and rearranging them according to preference, this makes for nearly any comfort level possible. Of all the mattresses we’ve seen, latex and non-latex alike, the Spindle natural latex is perhaps the most customizable and versatile one. 


Spindle offers a solid-wood foundation to help ensure optimal performance of their Latex mattress.

A Firm Foundation

Latex mattresses are made of much denser, therefore much heavier, materials than most mattresses on the market. This density is what gives natural latex such wonderful weight distribution and springiness that it is adored for. Spindle’s latex mattress, having three layers made completely of latex, falls firmly into this category, and has some extra considerations that need to be made.

Latex Weight

The weight of a latex mattress is too much for low-quality bed slats or especially cheap box springs. Given the extra weight and natural latex’s flexible consistency, lower-quality bed foundations can cause these types of mattresses to sag. To ensure the performance of your Spindle mattress you’ll want to have a solid foundation to rest it on. If you have a platform bed—you’re already taken care of. If, however, you’ve been relying on a roll-out set of bed slats you might want to make other arrangements. To make life easy, Spindle also sells a solid wood mattress foundation designed specifically for the unique needs of a latex mattress. This foundation is available in their store and ships via standard ground carriers such as UPS as well.


The top layer of the Spindle Latex Mattress zips on easily and is made of organic cotton.


Spindle’s Natural Latex Mattress is a very unique product and one of the best all-natural mattresses that we’ve seen. Natural latex is regarded by many as being the most comfortable mattress material as well as the best for reducing motion transfer. Spindle’s inclusion of an Organic Cotton and Eco-Wool cover make this mattress’ all-natural qualification even more deeply secured. The ability of this mattress to be readjusted to suit different comfort levels is another truly unique attribute.

Final Thoughts

These attributes, combined with Spindle’s 365 Night money-back guarantee to make this one of the best mattresses we’ve taken a look at. The only words of caution we’d offer would be that this mattress is heavier than non-latex mattresses and that there is some assembly required. The weight consideration is true for any latex mattress and the assembly is part of what we feel makes this mattress so special. So, not really cons necessarily—just something to be aware of! If you’re in the market for an affordable latex mattress we suggest you give this one strong consideration. It’s one of the better mattresses that we’ve had the pleasure of testing.