Setting up your Temporary Work-from-Home Space

Posted In Knowledge - 03/24/2020

Whether you would like an occasional spot to get work done at home or need to set up a semi-permanent work space to work from home during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, finding an area to keep you working efficiently and effectively is key. The quick onslaught of social distancing and self-quarantines have made this a top-of-mind topic around the world. Resourceful people are finding creative ways to set up workplaces in their homes.

Find a Place

If you don’t already have an office in your home, look for a quiet corner of your bedroom, a spare room or finished basement to set up a workstation. Try to find an area that is away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the household so you can focus on the tasks at hand. You’ll want to be away from distractions like the TV and the refrigerator.

Also, consider factors such as whether you make phone calls or video conferences during the day. You’ll need to find a spot that has good cell phone signal as well as a strong connection to wifi.

Set up your Work Area

Pick up a small writing desk, secretary or console table. If stores are not open in your location, you can “shop” around your house. Look for surfaces that might work.

Many furniture pieces can stand in as a writing desk or laptop desk.  Try a lightly used sofa table, entryway table, bar cart or vanity. These pieces often add beauty to your home but serve very light function. By relocating it to your workspace and temporarily repurposing it as a desk, you’ll have the space to get work done. Simply pull up a sturdy and comfy chair or stool.

Console tables tend to have much less depth than desks. They will work well for laptops and as a writing surface, but won’t provide enough space to layout big projects. One benefit of the small profile is that give you more flexibility on where you set up your new office space.

If you are working and watching the kids at the same time, then a kitchen island or even kitchen cart may be the spot for you to set up with your laptop.

Alternatively the kitchen table might keep you at an arm’s length from the kids where as a lift top coffee table or adjustable end table can provide a work surface for your laptop in the middle of the action.

Be Flexible and Get Creative

Maybe you turn your basement bar into a stand-up desk. Or you may find that all you need to give yourself the space you require is a bistro table on an enclosed porch, patio or sunroom.

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