Seasonal Update: Refresh Your Space For Spring

Posted In Design - 01/27/2016

Winter doldrums got you down? Can’t wait for longer days and with loads more sunshine? Now is the perfect time to start refreshing your space for spring.

You don’t have to completely redecorate to bring a fresh feel to your home, accents and details can go a long way to brightening your perspective.

Here are a few easy ways to shed the winter layers and lighten up your home. Use one or more of these tips to welcome in spring (even if you’ve got the jump on Mother Nature). 


A fresh coat of paint can wash away the winter blahs.  Pick a springing color for even more energy. Keep in mind that you, unlike other options, you won’t want to paint seasonally, so be sure to pick a shade that you’ll be happy with year-round.

Accent Pillows

Throw pillows are probably the easiest way to refresh your living room. Choose light and bright spring or summer colors to invigorate the slumbering shades in your room.  Choose varying shades, textures and patterns to keep things lively.

Wall art

Swapping out the muted tones of your wall art for fun, playful shades of spring can brighten your mood. Stow away your old wall décor to rehang in the fall.

Add Lighting

Wake up your space with extra lighting.  Brighter bulbs will help some, but extra light sources can really enhance the glow shaking off a close and cozy winter feel for a bright and vibrant spring perspective.  Adding some lamps that echo your chosen bright hues do double duty day and night.

Home Décor Accessories

Whether you choose sparkly bobbles or crystal vases, decorate your space with small objet d’art that are light and bright add interest and depth to your room without weighing it down.


Bring an extra sparkle to your room with mirrors.  Hang them where they will reflect the light from windows or lights to further brighten your space.  Light and bright frames add to the unfettered appeal.

Area Rug

Brighten your room from the bottom up with a freshly colored area rug.  Pick up on the lighter shades in your room or echo the bright tones of your new throw pillows.  Roll up your deeper toned rug to tuck away until you welcoming in cooler temperatures as fall rolls in.

Plants & Flowers

Bringing the outdoors in is the perfect way to invigorate your space.  Whether you have the green thumb to keep live plants thriving or you opt for silk florals, plants can be a vibrant part of refreshing for spring.

Table Settings

Adding fresh spring flowers and white table settings can brighten even the darkest dining room table.  Look for white dishware and white, light or brightly colored placemats and table runners.


Refresh your bedroom retreat with a new brightly-colored, spring-weight bedding set and you’ll wake up with a sunny perspective every morning.