Rug Trends: Odd Shaped Rugs

Posted In Knowledge - 04/22/2020

Decorating with Odd Shaped Rugs

Rugs are a staple of interior design, but many people rarely explore beyond traditional rectangular carpets. However, floor coverings come in an array of shapes, styles and sizes that can help spice up your rooms and show off your personality. If you want to add some charisma to your home, consider shaking things up with odd shaped rugs.

Types of Irregular Shaped Rugs

Irregular shaped rugs can be anything from charmingly off-beat to downright unconventional. Incorporating an odd shaped rug into your decor is an easy way to weigh your options and experiment with new styles with minimal effort and expense. Check out these suggestions to find some inspiration.

Square Rugs

A square rug is a little change that can make a big difference. These mats create a balanced and unified look in a square room by carrying the same shape throughout the space, making your design feel intentional and curated. Alternatively, try pairing a square rug with a similarly shaped table for a cohesive effect.

On the other hand, a square rug is a great way to add visual interest. Use a variety of shapes with these mats, like round stools and a triangular dining table, for an eclectic appeal. Or, spread a few square rugs throughout a long, narrow room to help establish distinct zones.

Round and Oval Rugs

If you want to play it safe but still explore your options, round rugs are another lovely choice. These carpets are versatile in both form and function. Place a circular mat in the center of a small room to create the illusion of a more open area so that the room looks larger. If your furniture has a curved silhouette, use a round rug to maintain the flow of your design.

Similar to how a round rug makes your room look larger, an oval rug helps your space seem longer. The stretched appearance of these pieces draws the eye along the length of the floor, so it appears to be more spacious. While a classic rectangular model can have a similar effect, an oblong carpet softens your decor thanks to its rounded edges.

Hide Rugs

When you want to get daring, it may be time to try a hide rug. If you prefer the real deal, you can find leather or animal skin mats for an authentically rustic vibe. However, if you like the style but favor faux, some rugs allow you to replicate the look and feel of hide with synthetic materials.

Hide may be the ultimate choice when it comes to irregular shaped rugs. Due to the nature of the material, each piece is unique and complements a diverse range of interiors. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Fur: No two of these odd shaped rugs are alike, so you can use them to create a one-of-a-kind design. These mats add soft texture to your floor, making them ideal for in front of the fireplace or in your office.
  • Cowhide: The naturally abstract shape of these carpets makes them a whimsical pick for your home. Real cowhide is also stain-resistant and durable, so it stands up to heavy foot traffic.
  • Exotic Animal Prints: There are plenty of fun patterns to choose from, including leopard, zebra, giraffe and tiger. Typically made with synthetic fibers, these carpets are great for those who want the look, but prefer to avoid animal products.

Asymmetrical Rugs

If you're ready to let go of all of your preconceptions about floor decor, then consider an asymmetrical rug. These carpets run the gamut from quirky to classic, so you can explore a whole world of options. Without the constraints of traditional shapes, these odd shaped rugs break all of the rules of design.

If you have earthy decor, consider a rug that emulates the shapes and shades of river rocks or trees. To inspire creativity in a colorful kids' playroom, spread out a striped rainbow rug with uneven edges. For a cozy addition to your bedroom, a faux-sheepskin rug has a wavy look and a plush pile that you can sink your toes into.

Themed Rugs

Let your personality shine with themed rugs. Whatever your interests or hobbies, there's a mat to complement your tastes. Here are some examples to fuel your search for the perfect piece:

  • Sports: Any fan can appreciate decor that pays homage to their favorite pastime. Search for a football or baseball rug for the athletes in the house.
  • Characters: Showcase you or your little one's fandoms with rugs featuring beloved movie and television characters.
  • Nature: From daisies to rainbows, you can bring a hint of the outdoors in with these playfully printed odd shaped rugs.

Creating a Look

Once you've chosen your odd shaped rugs, it's time to think about how you want to show them off. Here are some ideas for how to decorate with these unique mats:

  • Make it the Centerpiece: If you have the floor space, an odd shaped rug can serve as a chic focal point. For a design that pops, opt for a shag carpet in a bold color.
  • Layer on the Style: Try overlapping an assortment of irregular shaped rugs in your living room for a welcoming, boho-chic appeal.
  • Mix and Match: For an eye-catching effect, use an eclectic combo of odd shaped rugs throughout your home. Select varying pile heights and textures for a high-impact design.
  • Hanging Out: Some rugs are truly works of art. Hang your favorite new carpet on the wall for a gallery-worthy display.

Take the Leap

As you can see, using an odd shaped rug is far less intimidating than you might have thought. Ready to take the plunge? There are a few key points to consider. Don't be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone as you make your selection, but you should also choose a rug that complements your aesthetic.

Irregular shaped rugs offer a unique opportunity to refresh your layout. Whether you're looking for a chic accent piece, or you just want something that blends with the flow of your room, the possibilities are endless. Embrace your creativity and branch out by adding an odd shaped rug (or two) to your decor.

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