Purple Hyper-Elastic Polymer Mattress

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/10/2021

The Purple polymer mattress is unlike any other mattress on the market today. Their mattresses are made of a patented material that has been designed to stretch and redistribute weight to avoid bedsores and pressure points. This is one of the best mattresses on the market today and a review of some of its features, as well as some insight into the Purple Mattress brand itself, can help better understand why.


The Purple Mattress company is the product of two brothers with an affinity for innovation. The mattress that everyone knows and loves today actually got its start within the medical supplies market. Purple’s patented hyper-elastic polymer was developed to provide those confined to wheelchairs with a better cushioning system. The advanced weight distribution and contouring design of Purple’s cushioning technology allowed those with limited mobility to avoid such issues as bed sores. The Purple Mattress has integrated this same design technology to create a unique top layer of polymer that has been designed to contour to every nuance of the human body. This helps to avoid pressure points throughout the night—resulting in better sleep for most.

Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer top layer offers incredible contour support and weight distribution

Multi-Layer Design

Memory foam mattresses retain a LOT of heat. Purely foam mattresses have all but become a thing of the past, but there are still plenty out there that continue to sweat it out. The Purple Polymer mattress uses a patented hyper-elastic polymer layer to avoid relying on such temperature-raising materials. They also use

Layer One

This material comprises the topmost layer of the Purple mattress and has a very porous design (see images). This unique material allows for an arguably better contour but also a dramatically cooler sleeping experience. The holes in the polymer grid design allow for a free flow of air throughout the night which prevents heat retention. This layer is one of the most unique designs we’ve ever seen in a mattress.

Layer Two

Below this layer is a thicker layer of foam designed to offer further contour support and weight distribution. This layer offers the benefits of memory foam without making one subject to all the heat retention. It still contours like memory foam (it is memory foam) but being under the hyper-elastic polymer layer lets it breathe.

Layer Three

The third and bottom-most layer is a denser support base meant to avoid any issues of sagging. This layer is, arguably, as important as any top layer will ever be. Its this bottom support layer helps one’s mattress retain its shape, edges, and evenly distribute weight. Just like you wouldn’t want a house without a foundation; so too would one not want a foam mattress without a base layer of rigid foam.


Purple mattresses ship free via standard ground carriers and arrive in a conveniently sized package.

In-Home Trials & Warranty

No product is perfect and any number of things can happen during transport that is out of the control of manufacturers. Having a powerful product warranty and quality assurance is of utmost importance for all buyers, regardless of the product.

10-Year Warranty

Purple’s mattress is covered by a 10-year warranty during which any manufacturing defects will allow for a quick and hassle-free fix by Purple. Mattresses, no matter how affordable, are still considered to be a large purchase for most. Buying mattresses in stores offer the benefit of allowing one to first get a physical sense of the comfort one might expect. Even then, however, one must take a leap of faith that the mattress will sleep as well as it felt in the store.

100-Night In-Home Trial

To help address this very understandable concern, Purple offers a 100-night in-home sleep trial during which buyers are able to return their mattress for a full refund if left unsatisfied. This incredible new approach of helping consumers to have stronger purchasing confidence has spread throughout the entire mattress industry in the past few years.

Free Shipping

Free mattress shipping has become somewhat common among modern mattress brands. Let us not forget how uncommon this was just a few years ago! Purple mattresses are vacuum-sealed in a distinctively Purple bag and shipped via standard ground carriers like UPS. These arrive right at your doorstep, just as if you’d ordered a new pair of shoes!

Overall Impressions of Purple Mattresses

Purple mattresses are incredibly innovative products produced by an incredibly consumer-oriented mattress brand. Purple’s observation of such considerations as in-home trials, extended warranties, and free shipping has helped to catapult their polymer mattress to the forefront of the mattress industry. This mattress continues to receive rave reviews from buyers of all sleep preferences. The polymer material used in this mattress is made from recycled food-grade materials that are hypoallergenic and CertiPUR-US certified to be toxin-free. If you’re in the market for a new mattress and are looking for something almost shockingly innovative—Purple’s polymer mattress might be the “best mattress” for you.