Plushbeds Cool Bliss Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/10/2021

With a 4.9/5 average rating from satisfied customers, a 25-year warranty, and cutting-edge technology, Plushbeds Cool Bliss luxury foam mattress has asserted itself as a remarkable product. With a design that prioritizes temperature regulation and comfort, hot sleepers might’ve just found a solution to all their problems!


This GreenGuard Gold certified memory foam mattress comes with a 25-Year warranty and a 100 Nights in-home trial.

The Plushbeds Cool Bliss hybrid mattress features a 12″ thick design. Its layers are distributed as follows: a 5″ high-density memory foam, a 2″ air flow-optimized layer, 2″ organic latex covering, and an impressive 3″ cool gel memory foam layer. It comes with a 25-year warranty, and an impressive 100 Nights in-home trial, that lets you thoroughly test this mattress before fully committing to it. We’ve resumed its Queen Size specs for you here:

  • Type:
  • Memory Foam Hybrid
  • Made in the USA:
  • Yes
  • Financing:
  • Yes
  • Dimensions:
  • 60″W x 80″D
  • Thickness:
  • 12″
  • Weight:
  • 141 lbs.
  • Firmness:
  • 6/10 (Medium)
  • Warranty:
  • 25 Years
  • In-Home Trial:
  • 100 nights

This luxury mattress boasts some pretty significant features that we’ve decided to thoroughly examine. We’ve also included customer testimonies for you to consider. 

3-Part Heat Dissipation Design

The Plushbeds Cool Bliss’ multilayered heat diffusion design channels body heat away from its user, ensuring a cool, breeze sleep.

The Cool Bliss hybrid mattress comes with a very reliable heat dissipation design. The superficial cooling cover on its top is quickly followed by a 3″ layer of patented gel technology that features unique temperature regulation properties. It also comes with a 2″ built-in internal ventilation layer that maximizes airflow, further boosting the product’s breathability. This is a truly unique feature only the best luxury mattress can offer. Here’s what customers had to say:

”Love it! Keeps me cool at night!” – Wendy P.

”No more waking up hot! Very comfortable and loved that it had no toxic smell when it arrived! Was a little worried about buying online, but made a great decision.” – Pamela C.

”This bed made a notable difference for my wife’s pain, while also helping her stay cool at night.” -Jake G.

Dynamic Pressure Relief

This mattress’s unique latex and memory foam combination delicately molds to your body for maximum comfort.

Determining (and implementing) a perfect latex to memory foam ratio is a feature only the best hybrid mattresses possess. The Plushbeds’ Cool Bliss model has a delicately responsive, organic latex layer that dynamically adapts to your body for maximum comfort. This level of pressure relief is possible thanks to its preceding GEL memory foam layer, which protects the latex’s integrity regardless of the user’s weight or sleeping position. Here’s what customers had to say about it:

”It’s been about 4 weeks with the new mattress and we are definitely sleeping better. I don’t wake up every time my husband or one of the dogs moves and my sleep is deeper and I wake up more rested.” – Annemarie S.

”My husband and I absolutely love our bed. Great night of sleep every night. It’s the perfect blend of soft and firm.” – Paige W.

”I did a ton of research and am very pleased after a month with this mattress.” – Julia D.

Built-in Supportive Core

The Plushbeds Cool Bliss luxury mattress comes with a built-in, high-density support core, that boosts overall support and durability.

When it comes to edge support, Plushbeds believes the secret resides in skillful engineering and craftsmanship deep in the product’s foundation. With a unique 5″ high-density polyurethane supportive core in its bottom layer, sagging and uneven support is a non-issue. Plushbeds also offer an array of orthopedic, chemical-free foundations that adjust your mattress. Here’s what customers had to say:

”Very happy with the comfort and support of this mattress. I was concerned at first that it was going to be too soft, but the orthopedic foundation made a HUGE difference. So pleased” – Jennifer C.

“Amazing mattress!! Very comfortable and well made.” – Greg Y.

”I am extremely chemically sensitive, and there was genuinely zero scent upon opening the mattress. I had read other reviews about no off-gassing and that was absolutely my experience.” – Candra A.

Final Thoughts on the Plushbed Cool Bliss Luxury Mattress

This mesmerizing mattress is the world’s first GreenGuard Gold Certified memory foam mattress. This means you won’t deal with off-putting smells, irritants, or dangerous off-gassing that inferior products have. This US-Made product is manufactured with a GOTS and GOLS certification, ensuring that you enjoy an eco-friendly, healthy sleep free from dangerous chemicals. Their 25-year warranty and remarkably advanced design make this mattress an affordable luxury mattress that pays itself with deep, high-quality sleep every night.