Navy Blue Paneled Living Room by Nicole Thompson

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/01/2021

This paneled-wall living room design by Nicole Thompson of Grace in Magnolias showcases a beautiful combination of color and materials. Be it the vintage leather couch, the soft linen arms chairs, or the woven rattan wall accents—this design is masterful. Dark blue living room designs can easily become too moody but this design maintains beautiful balance.

So, full disclosure—this space isn’t actually Navy Blue. It’s a color named Hague Blue and is available from Farrow & Bell, creators of eco-friendly paints. Nicole’s use of this color is truly inspired in this living space and complimented well by the natural woods and earth tones of the surrounding features.

Hague Blue + Natural Materials

This shot really showcases the natural maple cocktail table and muted Earthy tones used in this space. Also clearly shown here are the woven rattan wall accents that really tie the lower spaces of this living room to the upper dark blue wall panels.

This farther-away shot (also featuring a different cocktail table + sofa) shows the entirety of the colors used in this living room design. The white ceiling helps keep things from being too moody, and the almost-playful ceiling light adds a modern flare. Note how the addition of the vintage brown leather sofa helped accentuate the natural Earthy tone.

This angled shot showcases the accent pillows used on the comfortable linen armchairs, the antique brass chairside table, and the gallery display above the sitting area. Note how all the colors and patterns complement each other to provide a unifying impression of natural wonder.

It’s always a pleasure to see the different furniture, decor, and position combinations possible in a space. Here’s an example of the sofa and chairs having been changed. Note how the closer proximity of the brown leather sofa to the woven round wall accents created a stronger reinforcement of color and texture than this option.

In this yet-another-sofa shot, you can see how this dark blue living room design is super flexible. This corner sectional sofa is different in color and texture from the previous two but still works well in the space. The natural tree trunk accent table helps fill the color void left by the removal of the brown leather sofa.

Here you can see the living room before the addition of the dark blue wall color. The design is still very attractive but lacks that extra bit of flair that would put it over the top. The deep blue hues really help to bring out the dark tones of the wood and leathers of this living room decor.

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