Modern Farmhouse Design by Christiano Homes

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/27/2021

The modern farmhouse style is all about balancing the outdoors’ freshness & coziness with the elegance that modernity provides; this beautiful Orange County home shows us how the rustic country warmth can blend with a bit of minimalism and careful contrast the best of two worlds: nature & contemporary inventive.

Only a handful of designers such as Christiano Homes can beautifully create balance out of two (apparently) conflicting styles, in which organic materials, pieces, and colors end up being accentuated by an eclectic array of industrial elements and transform a house into a vibrant place to live.

Custom Modern Farm House

Upon arrival, you’ll notice the traditional home architecture with its paved walkways cut in acute angles, their spaces filled with grass and paired with an array of diverse plants pleasantly presented in symmetrical order. Green and light grey colors are paired with the contrasting beige outer house painting, in which dark brown doors & window frames bring a share of contemporary minimalistic fashion.

The Modern farmhouse design may essentially seek a balance between the outdoors and our present-day modernity, but sensory wise it revolves around providing freshness, openness, and a welcoming atmosphere. This beautiful set of chairs allow you to take a quick break from some front gardening and invite you to share refreshments with a friend or neighbor while basking in the wonders of nature.

The entryway hall takes away the center of attention from the typically robust double-door entrance by using a windowed main door. By presenting a console table with vase plants flanking a mirror you almost feel like the outdoors are part of your indoor environment as well. The clever use of mirrors, hardwood floors, traditional rugs, and warm light lamps expand the hallway and augments the minimalist influence in the design.

The living room, kitchen, and dining room coexist just to get a sense of openness and circulation movement (similar to being outdoor). The cottage ambiance, paired with hardwood floors, its white rooftop & walls, merge with the presence of linen and hemp fabrications in furniture, blanket, and rugs, ultimately providing that balance between coziness and elegance.

Keeping it simple is not only efficient, but it’s also organic. By combining modern white countertops on the kitchen (and the kitchen island) an aura of serene cleanliness manifests itself. Using wooden shelves, black lower kitchen cabinets and artificial leather stools continue to showcase the house’s natural contrast that pairs well with the room’s wooden floor.

By consistently contrasting similar elements you gain aesthetic harmony: this concept allows you to see combinations instead of hurdled conflicting elements. By using furred chairs in a modern top dining table, you replicate the pattern used already in the kitchen island (modern top with leathered stools), suggesting consistency between separate spaces.

This trendy modern home design also uses fruits and plants conveniently to convey organic imagery. Hemp fiber rugs that continuously appear in different rooms not only go hand in hand with similar furniture, they also provide warmth and familiarity.

The modern farmhouse living room is perhaps one of the most eclectic areas of this house: home entertainment systems, decorative pieces, sofas, coffee tables, and decoration stick together with the sole purpose of creating a comfortable nook for family and guests.

Colorful fabrics and rustic wooden-like materials for the coffee table and shelves alike give way to small vase plants, making it look outdoorsy and natural. This bold room reminds us not to be afraid to choose colorful designs for blankets or couch pillows: as long as they look vintage, you’ll hit the mark!

Master bedrooms are the centerpieces of personal space, and this room masterfully creates a soothing atmosphere through symmetry combined with natural materials. The pair of identical wooden nightstands contrast the light-colored walls and continue to follow suit with the rest of the house’s theme and style.

A touch of industrial metals is introduced by a fake fireplace, which can also host your favorite aromatic candles after a long day of chores. The bedroom also connects directly to the backyard area, in case you need to find comfort in the endless night sky.

The rustic spirit of the modern farmhouse style pairs excellently with the all-white approach shared throughout the house, which particularly shines in any bathroom area. This master bathroom achieves not only freshness through its elegant use of white ceramics (tops and bathtub), but it remains rustic thanks to its dark wood cabinets and the fabric of its curtains. The black classic faucet spout and gauges as well as a dark small shelf hosting a small painting pepper minimalism to convey an elegant and pristine look.


Christiano Homes managed to beautifully deliver warmth, personality, and harmony by imprinting the modern farmhouse design into this beautiful Orange County residence. They do this in all their projects by thoroughly surveying spaces, taking in critical elements such as room flows, lighting, scale, placement, and using them in service of practicality and function. Their projects can be found on their website and official Instagram page along with their contact information. Be sure to visit them!