Modern Farmhouse by Alan Clark Architects

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/20/2021

Alan Clark Architects was tasked with remodeling a standard built farmhouse, and turn it into a state of the art modern living area that included a new chef's kitchen, a guest suite, expanded home office as well as completely remodeled living areas that featured equally luxurious as well as creative spaces that shimmered with bold colors. Join us in this marvelous home tour to find out how they did it!

Most modern homes use, predominantly, neutral colors and shades of black throughout the home in order to establish focal points through bold accent colors. This jaw-dropping farmhouse takes this popular feature amongst modern residences and fuses it with its rustic architecture to create something marvelous.

It features an incredibly sober, borderline contemporary interior that flows naturally throughout the property. The team at Alan Clark Architects takes the property to the next level and energizes its décor with masterful use of colors and patterns, turning this property into a modern ranch home.

Modern Farmhouse Remodel

This 1960’s era ranch home serenely welcomes its visitors with its towering presence. Alan Clark Architects recently remodeled this property to feature a new chef kitchen, a guest suite, family room spaces, and the addition of a home office. Courtney Willis served as the project’s landscape architect, and her masterful input allows nature to harmonize with the property’s grand entrance.

The property’s baseline rustic architecture and hardwood floors beautifully contrast with the sleek, black modern furniture that was incorporated during the renovation. This u-shaped kitchen design features recessed-panel cabinets and two islands to accommodate the chef and guests alike. Not many contractors can skillfully materialize these modern and elegant concepts into reality. Cooper Jones managed to exceed all expectations throughout this project and delivered the homeowners their dream kitchen.

The bronze-finished candelabra, and champagne gold light wall sconce lamp, serve as the main light sources for this area. The décor works with the rustic wood wall shelves to seamlessly preserve the delicate modern overtones of the home. The result is a welcoming, gorgeous modern and rustic mesh.

This living room and its eye-popping use of bold accent colors are a hallmark of what modern areas should feature. Notice how the neutral colors and shades of black and white present throughout the home break away as we’re met with colorfully patterned rugs and delicate blue velvet furniture. The project’s interior designer, Dana Poor, managed to convert this living room into a refined, state-of-the-art modern composition. Her exquisite taste and creativity manifest themselves throughout the property (just wait until we get to the laundry room!).

This open space home office is nothing short of harmonious magnificence: the rustic structure of the ranch home and its wooden desks meet the neutral colors that have been present throughout the rest of the home and create a serene working place. The ample windows provide natural lighting and welcome nature and productivity at any time of the day. The patterned floor outlines the office and invites the owner to push all boundaries through creativity and intense focus.

The staircases consistently represent the modern and rustic fusion seen throughout the house. The hardwood floors, the country wooden metal railing staircase, and the rest of the metal décor interlock the rest of the modern spaces in a simple, yet very elegant fashion. There’s no sense of clutter or absence of light and views to accompany the users.

This colorful hallway is populated by delicate plants in their vases and serves as nature’s antechamber. The mirror allows a moment of self-reflection before entering the exterior cooking porch through the beautiful Dutch door.

This modern farmhouse was recently remodeled to include a new laundry room. The open blue cabinets, the creamy bisque porcelain farm sink, and the beautifully patterned wall turn this carefully crafted room into a soothing space, a modern space that is so often neglected by mainstream design. Truly a testament to the level of detail Alan Clark and his teams put into their work.

The pool area also includes an open concept, dark wood floor screened-in porch design. This rugged area and its furniture host guests in a more intimate and traditionally comfortable area away from the pool and the elements. The neutral colors and metal décor perfectly complement this relaxation area.

This stunning pool area was also one of the areas remodeled by Alan Clark Architects. The new lap pool and rustic landscaping fences create this marvelous composition that invites its residents and guests to abandon earthly worries and bask in this piece of paradise. Southern Roots Studios managed to encompass elements of architecture, environment, and engineering to include nature into this idyllic space.


The team at Alan Clark Architects managed to completely overhaul this farmhouse from its bare studs and turned it into a breathtaking modern residence. Re-imagining the house’s interior to include a home office and an expanded garage while maintaining the modern undertones consistently was no doubt a difficult test; one that they passed with flying colors. We recommend you visit their website as well as their official Instagram page for more of their mesmerizing work.