Metropolitan Chic Home Tour by Christina Kairis

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/03/2021

Contemporary interior designs are part of a fluid concept that focuses on the latest design trends. It adds Avant-Garde decorative elements to stay current and adds unique creative spins to each corner of this beautiful home.

Christina Kairis is a successful third-generation artist: her vision of beauty and talent has been the cornerstone in which to reinvent herself and all of her creations. Christina and Tina Marie Interior Design bring us this attractive Longwood residence, where geometric elements, neutral palettes, and curved lines fuse with unexpected hits of color to produce a metropolitan chic house amid North Orlando’s tropical area.

Contemporary Chic Home

To create a feeling of spaciousness, the contemporary design style usually adopts an open floor plan concept. The dining room and the kitchen frequently share a single spacious area, and by positioning a kitchen island (that can also serve as a service bar) and a dining table diagonally from it, you get to enjoy a simultaneously airy and comfortable living space.

Contemporary interior designs have a special focus on social occasions, so you need to take full advantage of the available space to accommodate guests and family, providing comfort by nearing entertainment and food & drink areas that subtly project elegance.

Contemporary means living in the moment, therefore enjoying an open space while having a great time in a chic atmosphere goes hand-in-hand with the overarching design. Christina Karis beautifully combined white countertops on the kitchen & kitchen island so everyone gets the most of the clean aesthetics associated with these materials. Additionally, these tops further reflect natural light and pair well with the neutral light gray palette used on the walls.

Contrasting elements placed within the neutral palette of an area are commonly associated with sophistication, nonetheless by bringing organic fabrics in furred chairs, including glass & stainless-steel tables in a living room you can produce warmth from what could otherwise strike as a cold, “careful not to touch” space. The eclectic approach in which this space was designed allows a combination of cased plants, metallic sculptures, and ceramic garments in aesthetic harmony. During the day this area evokes freshness and sophistication, while at night glamour prevails.

Colorful, pop-art, and abstract paintings are common elements in this contemporary residence; it’s also not unusual to combine textured walls with minimalistic decoration in its hallways. As you may perceive there aren’t any rustic or outdoorsy elements being displayed: Contemporary designs may be versatile but elegance and functionality are always the guiding concepts.

Master bedrooms are one of the most intimate spaces in any house, as such it’s critical to go for clean and straight lines for nightstands, furniture, and decorative elements. Tonal textures in bedding, rugs, and pillows can deliver that extra warmth without projecting clutter and disparity. Contemporary bedrooms provide joy when that mix of high-shine and cozy décor happens, by escaping the typical organic approach you also get to enjoy a rather orderly and original personal space, ready to be tweaked with personal effects of your choosing.

Contemporary interior designs tend to avoid gender-oriented decorations by favoring simple, minimalist decoration. Nonetheless, because it provides such a neutral-looking atmosphere, there’s always room for any personal touches and colorful details to be had (as long as it’s not too ornate or baroque, you’ll get a beautiful look). For instance, notice how the curvy furniture and some magenta/purple flowers and vases defeat any emptiness or lack of originality in front of the bed.

The picture above presents a simple personal desk that can be included in any given bedroom; in spatial terms, by making use of a slim desk the advantages of minimalism kick in, deterring clutter while presenting a rather clean, geometrical workspace. Choosing a beautiful and colorful chair can cleverly avoid associating working at home with working in a generic office space, plus all ergonomic requirements are well-covered thanks to the height of the desk as well as this chair's properties.

The master bathroom picture above shows how Tina Interior Designs recurred to mixing both current era materials as well as more traditional ones, distinguishing the house bathrooms from other areas by choosing a warmer palette: coziness and a feeling of privacy go hand in hand with making you feel at home without sacrificing any elegance whatsoever.


By focusing on livable luxury, Christina Kais managed to curate a very contemporary house with very chic decorating pieces. Thoroughness and the goal of creating sophisticated home areas that maximize space and provoke family and social leisure allowed her to establish a metropolitan redoubt within the northern Orlando area. We invite you to enjoy this, and other fantastic works on her business website or official Instagram, not to mention specific showcases on Interior Appeal Magazine and HGTV Magazine’s Color Issue.