Making it Work – Two Kids in One Bedroom

Posted In Design - 11/11/2016

Young kids don’t feel the same compelling need for privacy that teens and adults do. And many adults will fondly remember younger years spent bunking with their siblings. There are many benefits of kids sharing a room:

  • Kids learn key skills in negotiation, empathy, tolerance and patience with each other.
  • Keeping the bedroom just for sleeping and moving toys out to a playroom can set a calm and quiet atmosphere for nap time and night time.
  • Kids learn to sleep more soundly as they get accustomed to quiet little sounds of each other during the night.
  • They can keep each other company, sooth each other and build strong friendships.
  • You can streamline the bedtime routine with them both in the same room; nightly storytime can be more easily shared.

Even if you have space for each kid to have their own bedroom, many kids will prefer to share plus by doubling them up in the bedroom, you could gain an office, playroom (link to playroom article) or guest room (link to host a guest article).

How do you fit two kids in one room?

Most rooms will easily fit a twin bed and a crib or toddler bed, some rooms will fit two twin beds on opposite walls. If that makes things too tight in your kids’ room to accommodate dressers, look for bunk beds or loft beds that will allow you to take advantage of vertical space.

Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are two stacked beds frames top and bottom, some are fabricated as one piece, some can be unstacked to create two separate beds if desired. Often they have rails around the top bunk for safety. They typically do not use box springs; instead, the mattress will rest on a Bunkie board. A bunk bed will keep both kids on one side of the room leaving space for dressers, desks, and storage on the other.

Loft Bed

A loft bed offers more flexibility. Technically, a lofted bed is a single bed elevated (i.e. only the top bunk) with space underneath it, but any number of configurations options are available. A lofted bed can be captain height, raised slightly higher than standard bed leaving space underneath the mattress for storage. Or a fully lofted bed can fit storage and a separate bed underneath.

Bunk beds and loft beds are both available in unadorned, inexpensive designs and with higher-end options including drawers, desks, bookshelves and other bells and whistles.

Fitting both kids in one room is a great option for many families. Keep in mind that, if you have space in your house you may want to plan to move the kids apart as they become teenagers (especially if they are different genders). But there are many benefits and opportunities to build lasting memories by having them share a bedroom when they are young.

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