Loveseat Size Guide

Posted In Knowledge - 07/10/2017

Choosing a Loveseat: Dimensions and Buying Tips

While it's easy to think of a loveseat as a mere scaled-down sofa, these seats can come in a variety of compact, medium and full sizes. To choose the right type of loveseat for your layout and lifestyle, you'll need to consider your new loveseat's dimensions, the room's size and your budget, as well as your preferred color and style.

Couch and Loveseat Dimensions: Standard and Uncommon Measurements

In most cases, loveseats seat two people comfortably. However, you can also find loveseat-sized sofa chairs for a single person and wider settees to accommodate three or four individuals. Knowing the dimensions of various types of loveseats can help you decide whether to choose a standard model or something out of the ordinary.

Standard Loveseat Length: How Long is a Loveseat?

A standard loveseat measures about 52 inches long from arm to arm. Models with a more compact design or a sleek armless silhouette may only be about 45 to 51 inches in length. Traditional loveseat lengths range from 58 and 64 inches due to their wide rolled arms. Oversized loveseats are also an option, typically coming in at 71 inches or longer.

Broadview Park Sage Sofa

Average Loveseat Width: How Wide is a Loveseat?

Regardless of their length, most loveseats have a depth of around 30 to 36 inches. For a roomier seat, search for deeper curved options on the higher end of the scale. Loveseats with fluffy tufted cushions are likely to be on the narrower side. Meanwhile, loveseat seat cushions themselves are usually between 21 and 26 inches wide.

Rivka Gray Loveseat

Common Loveseat Height: How Tall is a Loveseat?

Many loveseats range between 30 and 36 inches tall, which is the same height as a standard sofa. There are, however, legless modular models that stand at 20 or 21 inches high. Some small-scale options may be about 28 inches from top to bottom, while other high-back seats can reach up to 40 inches tall.

Lucilla Gray Loveseat

How Do I Choose a Loveseat?

Once you have the typical loveseat dimensions down, there are still a few things to consider before you start shopping. Figuring out the dimensions of your rooms, finding a comfortable price point and deciding on a color scheme can help you find stylish loveseats to suit your needs.

Measure the Room

Scale is important when it comes to selecting a loveseat. Whether you're outfitting a small room or an open floorplan, make sure that your selection can fit through the doorway and is the right size for the layout. Proportions are also critical, as an outsized loveseat may overwhelm the rest of your furnishings.

Measuring your rooms will tell you what size loveseat can fit within the layout while still providing room for surrounding furniture and decor. Grab a tape measure and take down the following dimensions:

  • Room Length: Most people place their sofas against the longest wall in the room. Measuring this area lets you choose between a wide-back loveseat that will fill in the entire space or a small room sofa. It also determines how much room you have left for end tables, corner side chairs and other accent furniture and decor you may want to set up along the same wall.
  • Room Width: If you are considering a reclining loveseat or sleeper loveseat that will reach into the middle of the room, this measurement is essential. Figuring out the distance between opposing walls lets you avoid crowding your other furniture or blocking footpaths with your comfy loveseat.
  • Room Height: Knowing the height of your room indicates whether a taller or shorter loveseat would look better in the space. If you have high ceilings, you may want a high-back couch to fill in more vertical space. On the flip side, low-profile seats make low ceilings seem higher while providing extra room for wall decor like paintings, decorative mirrors and clocks.

Breneman Charcoal Loveseat

Determine Your Price Point

Aside from being the right fit for your room, a loveseat should also be the right fit for your budget. Modest low-cost loveseats and settee benches with soft fabric upholstery start under $200. For slightly more money, luxurious top grain leather loveseat, as well as small sofas with center storage consoles, are available for less than $300.

If you're willing to spend a bit more, elegant loveseats with textured material and button tufting often sell for under $400. Even seats in a range of shapes and styles with practical features like cup holders, storage compartments and rocking, gliding or reclining elements often have a price tag lower than $500.

Eric Church Highway To Home Renegade Brown Leather Dual Power Reclining Console Loveseat

Complement Your Color Scheme

Whether you're outfitting an empty room or adding to an existing layout, you can find a wide range of colorful loveseats to suit your palette. Settees with neutral gray or beige upholstery make a fitting complement to any color scheme. If you're looking for seating that will stand out and add some unique flair, consider loveseats in striking orange, blue, red, green, purple or pink hues.

Emsworth Scarlet Sofa

Deck Out Your Space: Selecting a Stylish Loveseat for Your Home

Thinking about your preferred style and the purpose of your space can help you decide on the best loveseat for any room. Use your understanding of different loveseat dimensions, the measurements of the room and your own price, color and style preferences to select a chic and comfy loveseat for any part of your home.

Entryway and Foyer Loveseats

Foyer or entryway furniture creates an inviting atmosphere for guests as soon as they walk into your home. A small loveseat is a comfy alternative to traditional mudroom seating and entryway benches. Settees provide a spot for visitors to sit while they remove their shoes as well as a handy seat that makes zipping up kids' jackets and tying your little one's shoes before school much easier.

Carnifix Gray Loveseat

Apartment Loveseats

When choosing apartment living room furniture, some people use loveseats to complement a small sofa or sectional for a cohesive look. However, others may prefer a spacious loveseat as the main seating in their family room. A large overstuffed model is great for a roomy condo or apartment living room, while a sleek contemporary loveseat can make smaller spaces seem larger.

Corinne Blue Living Room Set

Loveseats for a Family Room

In the family room, use a loveseat as a cozy spot to snuggle up with a pet or partner as you watch TV, or add one to expand your existing living room set for movie nights with friends. Select a seat that complements your current couch dimensions while leaving plenty of room for coffee tables, ottomans and other accents.

Vercellie Aqua Leather Living Room

Dining Room Loveseats

Looking for cozy and unique dining room seating? Consider a sleek loveseat to serve as a dining room bench. Settees can provide extra elbow room for your guests and keep them comfortable during multi-course meals and conversations. Be sure to choose an easy-to-clean faux leather or microfiber option that can stand up to spills and stains.

Bedroom Loveseats

Loveseats are a popular choice as bedroom furniture, too. Since beds, nightstands and dressers take up a lot of floor space, these small sofas are a fitting addition to any size bedroom. Add a plush velvet loveseat to your master suite, or try a convertible sofa bed as an extra mattress in a smaller guest room.

Loveseats for Kids' Rooms

When choosing kids' furniture, consider a loveseat to create a cozy hangout spot in your child's room. Select tiny kids couches to furnish your little one's bedroom reading nook or playroom. If you're shopping for a teen, choose a practical small futon that can serve as seating in their video gaming corner or double as a couch and bed in their dorm room.

Dalkey Pink Loveseat

Bonus Room Loveseats

Loveseats are an excellent choice for furnishing small bonus rooms as well. However you like to spend your leisure time, you can find a loveseat that will suit your space's purpose, size and style:

  • Den Loveseats: The type of loveseat you choose for your den depends on how you plan to use the space. A wingback classic loveseat could be the perfect choice for a study or home office. On the other hand, a versatile transitional option might be a better fit for a multi-purpose den that serves as a game room, craft room or a man or woman cave.
  • Home Library Loveseats: To establish a calm and quiet vibe for your home library, arrange a modern loveseat beside your bookshelves. These sleek pieces provide a simple, soothing aura for the room, making them the perfect seats for settling down and enjoying a good book.
  • Sitting Room Loveseats: Formal sitting rooms can serve as a great home bar or a spot to host intimate brunches and tea parties with friends. Traditional settees with button-tufting and turned legs are a popular choice, but a soft linen loveseat also offers an elegant and airy atmosphere for these upscale events.
  • Home Theater Loveseats: Give your tiny movie room the feel of a traditional movie theater using a rustic reclining leather loveseat. Like most media room seating, these pieces can come with built-in cup holders and center consoles to hold your snacks. Some models also have USB charging ports so you can power up your electronics as you watch your favorite films.
  • Sunroom Loveseats: A good sunroom loveseat should promote a laid-back breezy vibe. Select a seat with a wooden frame to establish a casual coastal look on your enclosed porch or patio. You can also choose a white or yellow loveseat to reflect natural light and give the space a more radiant glow.

Catalina Natural Outdoor Loveseat

Cozy, compact loveseats are a charming and convenient option for rounding out your living room layout, but these versatile seats also have a lot to offer, depending on where you use them. Once you have the measurements of your loveseat, you can use them as a sofa substitute in a studio apartment or arrange them in entryways, bedrooms and any other areas where you need extra seating.