30 Clever Living Room Storage Ideas to Stylishly Reclaim Space

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/17/2021

Living room storage is often an afterthought. It often falls in the void between interior design and interior decor. Whether you’re looking for new storage ideas, trying to maximize existing storage, or just re-organizing furniture—there’s always room for improvement.

Furniture like bookcases, shelving, and cabinets offer great storage options for living rooms. For small living rooms, these aren’t always an option. Even in open living room designs, they can quickly create clutter. This gallery of clever space-saving living room storage ideas can get rid of your clutter quickly and with style!

Storage TV Stands

media cabinets with storage will keep your living room extras hidden

Let your TV or media stand pull double duty with both function and style. When searching for a TV stand for your living room, try to find one with ample storage space - and even better - something with doors to hide away any unwanted clutter. This type of TV stand can help hide away lots of clutter!

End Tables

end tables with storage help keep your home clutter free

End tables have a superpower around your living room that provides spacing-saving utility from any angle. End tables offer shelf storage, drawer storage, and tabletop storage. They can help cut back clutter, store anything from magazines to remote controls, and are perfect places to sit table lamps.

Dual-Purpose Furniture

accent cabinets can serve as great storage pieces in your home

Nothing beats the versatility of the storage cabinet. While it may appear to be designed for the dining room, that doesn't mean that it can't work in the living room as well! This fun storage cabinet on wheels features ample cabinet space and a drawer while adding a pop of color to your space. You might not be able to fit a 72″ TV atop this piece, but you’ll certainly have more living room storage!

Fireplace Mantles

a fireplace mantle is great for showcasing your home decor

Make use of your home's fireplace by adding a large mantle. This shows how much extra storage space a single piece of wood can provide! Fireplaces are great additions to living rooms. They keep things cozy, inviting, and create a great ambiance. Having a fireplace without a mantle is like having a bookcase without shelves!

Table Trays

decorative trays can be used as storage solutions around the living room

Wooden table trays show what a little corraling of tabletop clutter can accomplish. Table trays are a quick way to reduce clutter while still keeping essential items nearby. Using table trays with felt bottoms or stick-on felt pads will avoid scratching up coffee table surfaces.

Entertainment Centers

Use your entertainment center for extra storage in your living room

Imagine the possibilities of your living room with what a little built-in storage can offer. This wall unit entertainment center is very close to what one might expect from a custom bookcase or shelving solution. Not only can these pieces create a style for your living room but the extra shelves, drawers, and cabinets will help manage your messes.

Use Nesting/Bunching Tables

nesting tables are a clever storage option for the living room

Nesting Tables are a great example of how good furniture design can provide extra storage. This design features two “bonus” tables that can pull out from the main table. Nesting tables can serve as additional serving tables for guests, temporary end tables for sofas, or even accent tables throughout your living room.

Use Storage Baskets

baskets make great storage solutions in the living room

Fabric Storage Baskets are a convenient and affordable way to add extra storage to your living room. Baskets can be used to store books, blankets and even toys. A few of these types of storage baskets can quickly get rid of your living room clutter and add an invaluable storage room.

Buffets & Sideboards

Use a large cabinet for extra living room storage

Traditional sideboards & buffets don't just have to be used in the dining room! Used as a type of accent cabinet, they can provide additional living room storage. This versatile piece works as a focal point for your entryway, living room or even a conversation piece. The closing cabinets offer ample storage space to help keep clutter to a minimum. Credenzas, buffets & sideboards come in all shapes and styles to let your imagination run free!


Bookshelves offer great storage

It's amazing how easily a bookcase can remove living room clutter. Shelves, cabinets, and even drawers are common to bookcases and easily provide additional storage space in otherwise unused areas. Bookcases can be placed near corners, near walls, or even near seating. If you’ve got a bit of unused floor space in your living room a bookcase can really help tidy things up!

Decorative Bowls

decorative bowls

Using decorative bowls is an elegant expression of table-top storage options for the living room. Decorative bowls are very popular and come in a wide range of styles and sizes. You should have no problem finding a decorative bowl, or set of bowls, to complement your existing living room decor.

Showcase Your Firewood

firewood storage can be classy and stylish

Firewood can help fuel a warm and cozy living room but can quickly become a mess. Don’t let your yule logs litter the floor—create a look and store them in style. There are no rules that things like yoga mats, books, or even foam roller balls and exercise equipment can’t be stored in a log tote!

Blanket Ladders

use blanket ladders as storage and home decor options

A blanket ladder demonstrates how a simple piece of decor can quickly reduce clutter. Blankets are great additions to a living room but can be tricky to store. They can interfere with seating on couches, collect dust when stored under tables and be inconvenient hidden in chests. Blanket ladders are a piece of home decor that can help showcase fun fabric patterns, keep blankets out of the way, and allow easy access.

Storage Sofas

A storage sofa offers both a place to sit and a place to store extra blankets or sheets

Storage sofas allow for extra storage beneath the seat - it's that simple. This type of hidden storage is great for keeping living room items that aren’t needed on a daily basis. Extra blankets, guest bedding and even board games can all conveniently be stored away.

Room Dividers

Room dividers can act as storage solutions

Whether it's a screen with shelves or a bookcase that doubles as a room divider, you can easily incorporate everyday storage solutions into these pieces. While not possible for all living rooms, a room divider can easily help separate living spaces in open floor plan designs. This can offer you more storage in your living room and might even help make your home decor more feng shui!

Re-Arrange Furniture

rearranging your living room furniture can open up more space

Moving your living room furniture around can create extra space. Having large seating pieces such as sofas, sectionals and lounges near walls will free up space. Even if re-arranging living room furniture doesn’t offer any extra storage, it can free up some room for other furniture pieces that might!

Sofa Tables


Sofa tables show how less common types of furniture easily add more storage space to the living room. Try putting a console table, shelves or even drawers behind a sofa for extra storage - this works great when your sofa forms a sort of border between different areas in your home. And sofa tables don't always have to live behind the sofa. A well-placed console or sofa table against a blank wall can offer both a focal point and storage option at the same time.

Lift-Top Coffee Tables

lift top coffee tables offer storage and functionality

Lift-top coffee tables showcase a hidden storage area accessible by lifting on the top. This extra storage space comes at little cost to the overall style. Frequently included in this type of table are pull-out drawers that add even more space. Hidden storage ideas like this are great space-saving options to add more storage to any room.

Storage Trunks

storage trunks can act as extra seating and storage

Sometimes storage solutions need to be creating. Storage trunks offer a unique style option and can help increase living room storage capacity. Trunks are, by design, intended to store things. Almost all trunk designs have a flat surface atop their lids. This makes them perfect replacements for living room furniture when more storage is needed.

Floor Lamps

floor lamps free up table space in your living room

Floor Lamp can help to reduce table clutter and provide a clean, sharp look to your room. By sidestepping the need for table lamps, extra storage space for books, magazines, or even tabletop organizers can be found. Consider placing floor lamps in corners, behind sofas or where nothing else can fit.

Rolling Bar Carts

rolling bar carts are a great way to add short term storage

Rolling bar carts serve to add extra storage space that can later be removed. This type of temporary storage is great for when entertaining guests, working on a hobby project or as a permanent focal point in your living room design. Also another opportunity for re-purposing furniture—bar carts can store anything!

Storage Ottomans & Benches

use storage benches & ottomans to hide unused clutter

Storage ottomans and benches prove that living room storage doesn’t have to come at the expense of comfort or style. Storage benches & ottomans are similar to trunks and coffee tables but still provide comfortable support for lounging. These are ideal for those seeking extra storage for living rooms that are used mostly for sitting, sleeping or low periods of lounging.

Armchair Organizers

armchair organizers can keep important items at the ready

Armchair organizers are a great way to free up surface space on your coffee table, end table or sofa tables. You’ll be free to add some more exciting decor to your living room once those remotes, magazines and reading glass tucked away.

Add Some Wall Shelves


Walls aren’t typically regarded as offering storage. After all—they’re flat. Built-in shelving can get expensive but easily attached options like floating wall shelves can quickly add more storage space and a flair of style.

Sofas & Sectionals

small sofas & sectionals are a great way to free up floor space for other storage furniture

Upgrading your living room’s seating capacity can add more storage. By adding a sofa or sectional, other seats such as armchairs can be replaced with more storage-friendly options like chests or storage cocktail tables. Sofas and sectionals come with hefty price tags so wait until the next seasonal sale.

Bean Bag Lounger Chairs

beanbag chairs can easily be moved in and out of rooms to free up floor space for more storage

Bean Bag Chairs are a great example of saving living room space by using movable furniture. While bean bag chairs won’t actually store anything—they can help reduce the need for other seating and allow for more storage furniture. In other words, swap out your armchair for a storage chest and drag in your bean bag chair whenever friends are over!

Mind the Corners


A little creative planning can find additional storage without moving around furniture. Corners are areas of rooms that are often neglected. It can be hard to fit furniture in corners but with corner shelves, media centers and bookcases you can find some hidden storage for your living room!

Hang Your Plants High

hanging plants from the ceiling frees up table space for other storage

Hanging planters illustrate how easily living room table-top space can be saved. By hanging plants from the ceiling, you can avoid having to clutter surfaces of furniture like end tables, bookcases and other valuable storage locations. In most cases, hanging some planters to free up space for books is more affordable (and easier) than adding extra bookshelves to free up space for plants.

Magazine Racks

magazine racks free up table top space in your living room

Magazine racks show the power of combining style with utility! Magazine racks are great ways to complement your living room’s existing style while also providing extra storage. They’re well-placed on floors, coffee table tops and next to seating areas. Baskets can easily be re-purposed to serve as magazine racks as well.

Remote Control Organizers

remote control holders can help clear up clutter in your living room

Cut down on tabletop clutter with a remote control organizer. Remote controls, cell phones, reading glasses and even pens can quickly clutter your table surfaces. When quick and easy access is needed, a simple tabletop remote control organizer can cure your clutter woes.

Living Room Storage FAQ

Where can I buy furniture for a small living room?

Most of the top-rated online furniture stores carry storage furniture designed specifically for smaller living rooms. These pieces can help create additional storage and open up living areas.

How do I create storage in my living room?

Living room storage can be created in any number of ways. Extra bookcases, chests, tables, or even baskets can get rid of clutter and store away valuables. The ideas in this list are only a few and you should always consider the specific storage requirements of your home before shopping for new furniture.

Can a dresser be used in a living room?

Yes, Absolutely! Dressers, media chests, drawer chests, and accent chests can all be used for living room storage. If it has drawers or shelves it qualifies. Media chests are a specific type of dresser that works particularly well for living room storage.

How can I re-arrange the furniture in my small living room for more storage space?

Extra storage can be created for small living rooms by re-arranging furniture nearest to the outer walls. The largest pieces should be placed closest to the walls with smaller pieces near the center of the room.

Final Thoughts About Living Room Storage Options

Freeing up space in your living room can help improve your day-to-day lifestyle. Studies show that clutter in your home is often associated with additional stress. A little extra living room storage can go a long way. The tips and ideas here showcase some of the best ideas we’ve seen enacted by design pros over the years. Check out our list of the top furniture websites to find deals on all the living room storage options discussed in this article.