How to Decorate a Kitchen

Posted In Design - 06/04/2018

Whether they are keeping the chef company, sharing a meal at the counter bar or just relaxing with a cup of coffee, people naturally gather in the kitchen. Yet, strangely, this room is often the last space we consider when it comes to home decor.

How to Decorate a Kitchen on a Budget

Decorating a kitchen can take this important space from utilitarian to dazzling. Just the right kitchen decor creates a place for fabulous meals and memorable stories.

Painting, updating cabinet hardware, installing a backsplash and adding architectural elements all give your room a new look. Still, there are plenty of ways to decorate a kitchen without undertaking a big project. Read on for a few budget-friendly kitchen design ideas.

Kitchen Decor Options

Kitchen decorations like light fixtures, artwork, accent cabinets and rugs add interest and personality to your room.

Light Fixtures

Chandeliers are a popular choice to hang over kitchen islands or tables. These pieces draw attention to a central space and infuse some character into kitchen decor. Go country chic with soft fabric shades or create an industrial vibe with an edgy cage design.


Cooks often need to keep an eye on the time, so a stylish clock is a great use of blank wall space. Retro-style pieces have a fun feel that is right at home in vintage kitchen decor. Alternately, opt for a sleek modern clock featuring easy-to-read digital numbers.


Graphic art is a solid kitchen design idea. Kitchen wall art is an easy and affordable way to stay current with decorating trends. Choose one large, statement piece or group smaller artwork together for a fun and funky gallery wall. When you need a change, simply swap them out for something new.

Accent Cabinets

Accent cabinets do wonders for both kitchen style and organization. Decorate with a uniquely painted or traditionally carved console that doubles as storage to maximize your counter space. Put dishware and wines on display with a modern, open design or keep appliances and utensils hidden in a closed cabinet.

Kitchen Carts

A kitchen cart is a versatile piece of furniture in any home. When needed, it can be an extra surface for food prep or a serving table. Models with wheels add versatility as a bar cart for drinks at cocktail hour or a mobile coffee station for brunch.


Open bookcases or wall shelving units also make great additions to kitchen decor. With a good eye for arrangement, these modern pieces can turn your cookbooks, ingredients and dishes into perfectly themed decoration.  Fill them up with potted herbs, framed pictures and other items that fit your style.


A runner or area rug is a great way to define your space, especially for a connected kitchen and dining room. A bold rug adds a splash of color to a neutral kitchen, while natural materials and soothing colors keep a bright cabinet or backsplash the center of attention.

Bar Stools

Turn a large kitchen island into a casual lunch counter with a few barstools. For extra space, choose backless or low back seats that slide neatly under the countertop when not in use.

Applying Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, which means your storage and decoration needs will vary. For a different look without committing to an expensive and time intensive remodel, give your room an instant facelift with the affordable kitchen decor that's right for you.