Embracing Urban Interior Design Style

Posted In Knowledge - 03/25/2019

Urban design style combines open spaces with modern pragmatism.  With roots in renovated warehouses, converted buildings, and loft environments, this style often incorporates architectural features including exposed beams and unfinished surfaces. These exciting spaces encourage designers to experiment with contemporary, industrial, and eclectic themes to create homes that are as innovative as they are functional.

Urban dwellings often include multi-use environments and require space conscious considerations.  Whether it is a live/work set-up or open floorplan with integrated living and dining, many urban living spaces do double duty.  With rooms that are open to each other, it is important to select living room and dining room furniture in colors and styles that work well together for a cohesive look throughout the space.


Modern and contemporary influences keep rooms feeling spacious and open. Eclectic, bohemian, or industrial accents add character, texture and interest.  Look for dramatic contemporary accent chairs, captivating chandeliers, and oversized wall art to create focal points in your room.


Cosmopolitan/metropolitan. Urban spaces create a blank canvas to showcase your love of travel and culture.  Show off your collection of world artifacts, or keep things local with accents that celebrate the beauty of your city.  Casual, inviting furniture, pillows, and poufs give your home a cozy and relaxing feel, while crisp lines and geometric details create a sophisticated look that echoes surrounding urban structures.


Light and airy. Keying off of architectural shapes and elements, simple modern lines and pieces with industrial details are a natural fit in urban settings.


Cool and sophisticated. Cool color schemes such as grays, blues, and purples emphasize the urban aesthetic. 


Earthy and eclectic. Integrate multiple materials into your urban spaces to boast an earthy and eclectic vibe. Textured material and rustic finishes add warmth and coziness to wide-open spaces.  Experiment with wood finishes and fabric choices.  Reclaimed wood pieces lend an effortlessly chic allure. Pillows, throws, and bedlinens offer the opportunity to vary textures and materials. Woven rugs impart a minimal aesthetic while plush rugs add an element of luxuriousness.


Urban decor is fresh and fabulous, offering a versatile and adaptable approach to interior design. This on-trend style offers chic and engaging spaces in your home whether or not your dwelling is in the heart of a  big city.

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