Embracing Coastal Decor

Posted In Design - 10/07/2019

What is Coastal Home Decor?

If you love seaside vacations and the crash of ocean waves, coastal design may be the perfect fit. This style showcases open layouts, chic color schemes, and nature-inspired accents. The result is a space that's soothing, breezy, and clean.

Characteristics of Coastal

Overall Ambiance

The ultimate goal with beach decor is to make the room bright and open with the help of color and natural light. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using white as the basis for your palette, as well as taking advantage of windows, skylights, and glass so that your home becomes an extension of the outdoors.

You should also avoid bulky furnishings so that interiors feel as spacious as possible. Consider your layout carefully, positioning furniture to promote an effortless flow and plenty of space to move around. Every element of your beach house decor should build on the others and have a clear purpose.

Nature Knows Best

From trim to tables, wood is a must in coastal decor. Get creative and blend finishes and types to find the ideal balance. Try any combination of the following for that irresistible beachy vibe:

  • Ash
  • Pine
  • Beech
  • Maple

You can also integrate darker woods, just make sure to use them sparingly to maintain an airy aesthetic.

Beach decor also opens up the door to furniture that you may usually reserve for outdoor use. Materials like wicker, cane, bamboo, rattan, and teak are good choices for tables and other accent pieces. You can also try whitewashed and distressed styles to mirror the classic coastal look of sun-bleached and sand-eroded surfaces.

Seaside Shades

While whites and grays should serve as the backdrop to your coastal decor, there is still room to play with your palette. Add warmth to your beach house decor with sandy beige and tan, then throw in a few splashes of coral, seafoam green, and aqua. Slightly faded or aged colors are best for that perfectly weathered look.

Layering Textures

Varying textures create depth and visual interest, and there are ample options that complement coastal home decor. Carrying on with the natural theme, opt for cotton, linen, and even burlap. To complete the look, bring in woven fiber rugs, rope accents, and chalky matte paint.

The Finishing Touches

Coastal art and beach wall decor provide the missing piece that makes your space feel complete. Landscapes depicting rolling waves or sculptures of shells and shorebirds are a lovely way to incorporate a bit of nature. On the other hand, if you prefer an abstract look, choose a painting in blues and greens to represent the ocean.

In addition to coastal wall decor, look for lamps with hammered or sea glass bases and rustic linen shades. For a fun twist on the traditional, select outdoor tables in teak or wicker. Attention to these small details can add up to a big impact on your design.

Coastal Home Decor by the Room

Living Room

The key to coastal living rooms is to keep them comfy and calming. An ivory sectional with overstuffed cushions nestled between a set of rattan end stands provide the perfect centerpiece. Tie it all together with a mixture of striped and floral throw pillows and unique coastal wall art.

Dining Room

Get adventurous with color in your coastal dining room. Layer shades of blue for a breezy, welcoming atmosphere. For a bold statement piece, go with a dark wood table featuring a living edge. Lastly, add a white-washed buffet and curio cabinet to display photos of beach trips with the family and seaside souvenirs.


Fill your coastal bedroom with warm neutral hues for a relaxing retreat. Bring the outdoors in by surrounding yourself in natural materials like linen, cotton, wicker, and glass. For example, pair a seagrass headboard with a set of distressed nightstands and a coordinating dresser.

Embracing Coastal Decor

From coastal living rooms to beach theme bedrooms, this approach gives your home a cool and casual ambiance. Choose pieces that contribute to the overall motif, keeping clutter to a minimum and nature at the fore. The final product will create a laid-back, inviting space that will make every day feel like a vacation.

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