10+ Elegant Lights to Buy For Dining Rooms

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/01/2021

Chic chandeliers provide dramatic, functional lighting for both informal and upscale dining areas. While some may worry that these hanging lamps are too large or lavish for their setups, there's a wide array of sleek and simple chandeliers to complement casual, modern or contemporary layouts.

What to Look For in a Chandelier

When searching for a chandelier, it's important to choose one with finishes and materials that coordinate with the Feng Shui of your current dining room design. A black pendant light is a perfect color complement to a jet-black dining set, while chrome, silver and white chandeliers work for a dine-in kitchen with a mirror-top table or gray granite countertops.

With so many sizes, colors and designs available, it's easy to discover a gorgeous chandelier that fits your unique aesthetic. Check out this list of lovely chandeliers to find a model that suits your space as well as your style.

4-Bulb Adjustable Height Lantern Chandelier

Simple and chic, the 4-Bulb Adjustable-Height Lantern chandelier from Hykolity is a charming addition to any dining room or kitchen. The combination of natural wood and antique metal accents helps this fixture look stunning in rustic, mid-century modern and country-style layouts. Also, the light's neutral brown and black frame blends in with both light and dark color schemes.

rustic wood and metal farmhouse chandelier

Bird Cage Crystal Chandelier

The Bird Cage Crystal chandelier from PAPAYA provides plenty of eye-catching appeal for elegant and formal dining rooms. A shapely metal cage design gives this beautiful chandelier a posh and timeless look. Meanwhile, strings of dangling faux crystals reflect light to dazzle dinner guests during black-tie get-togethers.

ornate birdcage chandelier

5-Bulb Kitchen Island Linear Pendant Light

Add some glam to your design by hanging Hykolity's 5-Bulb Kitchen Island Linear chandelier above your kitchen island or dark oak dining table. Metallic brass and matte black finishes enhance the chic Art Deco vibe of your dining room or lounge. For a little extra drama, this lamp has dimming controls that let you brighten the space or provide low ambient lighting as needed.

open frame cage chandelier

Ramuda Bronze Chandelier

With its intersecting rings and contrasting colors, the Ramuda Bronze chandelier from Rooms to Go adds subtle style and visual interest to your dining area. A shimmering gold inner sphere gives your modern or contemporary layout an air of luxury, while the larger, dark bronze outer rings tone down the look for a more dignified feel.

antique brass & black sphere chandelier

Gio Pendant Chandelier

The Kira Home Gio chandelier has a sleek, geometric shape and intersecting black metal bars, making it a simple yet stylish choice for modern dining rooms. At the same time, this beautiful chandelier's candlestick bulbs provide cozy farmhouse appeal. Hang this pendant light above your kitchen island or large dining table to create a welcoming atmosphere for family gatherings.

modern farmhouse illusion style chandelier

Beaded Crystal Drum Chandelier

Whether your decor is contemporary, transitional or traditional, the Beaded Crystal Drum chandelier from Berliget is a dazzling addition to your design. This elegant chandelier features delicate, cascading crystals inside a drum-like metal lattice shade. Its bold shape and striking accents make this pendant lamp an attractive way to illuminate kitchen tables and home bars.

drum chandelier with crystal accents

French Country Wooden Chandelier

Looking to add an elegant farmhouse chandelier to your cottage-style dining room? Consider the GEPOW French Country wooden chandelier to complete your chic and cozy design. Six curved arms and candle bulbs give this candelabra-style pendant lamp its vintage appeal. Meanwhile, the distressed wood and iron accents provide a relaxing, homey touch for your layout.

Classic candelabra chandelier

Saddlehorn Chandelier

A domed silhouette and zigzag-patterned frame make the Rooms to Go Saddlehorn chandelier a perfect complement to a bohemian or tropical dining room. Like many other boho chandeliers, this hanging lamp has a breezy see-through shade with woven detailing. The curved edges and smoky gray fabric work for modern and contemporary kitchen designs as well.

woven overhang chandelier

3-Bulb Farmhouse Chandelier

The dimmable LALUZ 3-Bulb Farmhouse chandelier brings style and simplicity to your space. It features three vintage-style bulbs beneath glass-bottle lampshades, plus height-adjustable cords that attach each hanging light to a round, wooden canopy. Clean lines and a modest design make it the perfect rustic elegant chandelier for a minimalist dining room layout.

bottle style pendant chandelier

8-Bulb Modern Farmhouse Chandelier

Offering a mix of updated style and old-world charm, the Modern Farmhouse chandelier from LOG BARN helps you revamp your chic dining room. The classic candelabra frame enhances the elegance of your furnishings, while the slim metal arms and dark bronze finish make it easy to incorporate into a modern, contemporary or transitional design.

old-world charm, the modern candelabra style chandelier

Shell Chandelier

Perfect for a pool house or seaside bungalow, the Maxax Shell chandelier brings a lavish, yet laid-back look to your kitchen or dining room. Where crystal chandeliers have strings of reflective stones, these pretty chandeliers feature cascading seashells for a gorgeous, beachy aesthetic. The incandescent bulbs and chrome accents also add an elegant boost to your space.

ornate shell chandelier

Final Thoughts about Dining Room Chandelier Types

Though some people believe that hanging lamps are exclusively for palatial Victorian homes, the vast array of pendant light styles offers something for everyone. Shop the top online furniture stores to find a chandelier for your industrial, retro or eclectic dining room. Afterward, use proper chandelier maintenance techniques to keep your fixtures looking stunning for years to come.