DreamCloud: Hybrid Mattresses for Luxury Sleep

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/17/2021

DreamCloud is new to the mattress scene but has arrived in style. Their flagship mattress—an eight-layered memory foam micro coil hybrid—offers a quality traditionally reserved for a much higher price range. DreamCloud has set out to repair the relationship between buyers and mattress brands by offering an unbelievable customer service program. DreamCloud offers one of the best hybrid mattresses on the market right now and, while it might not end up being the best mattress for you, it’s definitely worth a closer look.

A New Generation of Mattress

Buying a mattress is no easy task and involves wading through an ocean of sometimes-nauseating advertising. Local mattress stores have taken such a large presence in local communities that conspiracy theories about their true purpose have started to surmount. Truth be told; these stores keep popping up because retail stores have no shame in charging exorbitant markups. Budgets keep growing, products keep shipping, and new stores keep popping up.

The new generation of mattress retailers is embodied by brands such as DreamCloud that manufacture their own products and ship directly to their own customers. No middle man, no markups, and no additional mattress stores! This sales model may seem off-putting at first—after all, how are they shipping mattresses? Turns out, the Bed-in-a-box brands such as DreamCloud are quite clever and have revolutionized the way people buy mattresses and the way the entire buying process is handled!


Customer Service Comes First

Buying a mattress is like taking a leap of faith—you do all the research you can, account for all the attributes that are of importance but, ultimately, you have to make a decision to buy or not buy. Reading mattress reviews, comparing different types of mattresses, and even discount shopping are all useful practices when shopping for a mattress. However, no amount of research will offer the certainty of a good night’s sleep. DreamCloud recognizes that each sleeping style is different and individuals don’t always want the same type of comforts. DreamCloud has developed a robust customer satisfaction program to help address these types of disparities while making each step of the process as seamless as possible. Below are some of the most noteworthy features of this program.

365 Night In-Home Trial

Sleeping on a mattress is the only way to be sure you’ve made the right choice. DreamCloud is especially sympathetic to this and has developed a 365 night trial period during which you can return one of their mattresses for a complete refund.

Everlong Warranty

A mattress is no small purchase and knowing a manufacturer will support their products with warranty and replacements should something go wrong is essential. DreamCloud has created an Everlong Warranty which guarantees their products for the rest of the purchaser’s lifetime. Just imagine—never having to buy another mattress!

Free Shipping & Free Returns

Free shipping is a bit of an over-sell since that cost is usually built into the price anyway. Nonetheless, DreamCloud will not surprise you with any delivery fees, handling fees, or shipping charges during checkout. DreamCloud mattresses ship in a vacuum-sealed bag via standard ground carriers like UPS and FedEx.


Hybrid Mattress Design

DreamCloud’s flagship mattress is their eight-layer hybrid memory foam + microcoil design. This mattress has a plush cashmere-blend top, several layers of different types of memory foam, and a weight distributing section of microcoils. At first glance, we thought eight layers were a bit excessive—but ultimately only had good things to say about it. After all—the mattress is extremely comfortable. You’ll find a list of some of our favorite things about the DreamCloud mattress below. For a complete look check out our full DreamCloud mattress review.

15” Thick

Most bed-in-a-box brands offer ~10” thick mattresses which we find to be a bit underwhelming. Admittedly, this is purely preferential, and we appreciate that the extra thickness may be a drawback to some. Nonetheless—we love it! Check out our guide on how to measure your bed frame size to make sure it will accommodate your mattress size!

Double Tufted Top

Some people aren’t fans of the tufted tops on luxury mattresses, but we aren’t among them! Nearly all modern mattresses are marketed as being luxury mattresses, but most fall short. One of the hallmark features of luxury mattresses, in our opinion anyway, is their beautifully tufted tops. The DreamCloud hybrid comes with an incredibly double-tufted top comparable to such store brands as Kluft, Stearns, and Foster, of Shifman.


Microcoils are the evolution of traditional inner coil mattress spring designs. Their individually-wrapped design allows them to be much more dynamic and absorbing to shifts in weight. One major advantage of any coil design, traditional or micro-coil, is the increased amount of airflow compared to all-foam designs. DreamCloud decided to go for the best of both worlds—the incredible contour support of memory foam combined with the unmatched airflow of microcoils. We support their decision 100 percent!

DreamCloud Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress

DreamCloud is a mattress brand that’s quickly become a sensation in the market. They offer luxury mattresses at a fraction of in-store pricing, ship for free, and come with lifetime warranties. Their Luxury Hybrid model is one of the top-rated mattresses on the market right now.


The DreamCloud Luxyr Hybrid Mattress is like a Rolls Royce—it’s more than most people would ever need. We regard this mattress’s strongest selling point as being that it’s got everything one could want in a mattress but it’s priced like a regular one. In other words, you’re getting a Rolls Royce for the price of a Ford!

Eight Layer Design

Memory foam mattresses hit the market by storm. However, it was quickly realized this new level of comfort came at a price: high heat retention. Over the years, memory foam has improved but these mattresses still tend to sleep hotter than most. DreamCloud’s Hybrid design offers the best of both worlds: the comfort of memory foam and the breathability of innerspring design. Below is a diagram showing the many different layers of the DreamClound hybrid.


Layer 1: Truetufted Cashmere Blend

This layer will leap out at you immediately—stunning you with its incredible, almost unbelievable, softness. Cashmere is renowned as one of the most coveted textile materials in the world for good reason. After experiencing DreamCloud’s Cashmere-blend top, we don’t see any reason why every respectable mattress manufacturer shouldn’t follow their lead.

Layer 2: Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Memory foams are found among the best mattress designs on the market, though are too often included in such a way that creates overheating issues. The DreamCloud Hybrid mattress’s implementation of memory foam begins with a gel infusion design to promote airflow while still offering superior contour support.

Layer 3: Soft Quilted Memory Foam

Getting deeper into the mattress, the DreamCloud hybrid makes use of a denser memory foam that offers a tad more support than the gelled material resting above it. This provides a noticeable catching sensation when one lays down, almost like a comforting hand at the bottom of a cloud.

Layer 4: Natural Latex

We’re huge fans of natural latex materials and believe they offer a top-tier level of support and comfort when used in mattresses. This material helps provide a solid form factor to reinforce edge positioning, capture motion transfers, and dissipate pressure points. DreamCloud tucks this layer beneath the memory foams, creating a steady level of cushioned support.

Layer 5: Supporting Memory Foam

At this point in a mattress’s layer depth, many designs start to skimp on materials and shift their focus to cheaper polyfoam blends. The DreamCloud mattress heightens the level of support still; providing a firmer memory foam to start pushing back a little bit. For all those side sleepers out there, that love the contour of memory foam, but hate getting swallowed by it, this layer is for you.

Layer 6: Individually-Wrapped Microcoils

This layer is made of a 5-zone bed of individually wrapped microcoils to give a serious level of motion transfer support and an overall sense of stability. This layer characterizes the hybrid naming of the DreamCloud mattress and is something seen only in high-quality mattresses.

Layer 7: Dense Foam Support Base

This layer isn’t anything you’d want to roll around on directly—it’s pretty hard—but is essential to providing holistic support and helping maintain long-term performance. Even the softest mattresses need a sturdy base to rest on, and that’s what you get with this layer.

Refunds, Forever Warranties, And In-Home Trials, Oh My!

Finding the best mattress is no simple task and, even for those having done their due diligence, can sometimes turn out unexpectedly. Part of what we believe qualifies a mattress as being a quality purchase option is the level of support offered by the manufacturer. No matter how much research one does, it’s impossible to know if a mattress is going to be a good fit until some Z’s have been had. DreamCloud knows that happy customers mean happy bottom lines and have gone out of their way to create an exceptional ecosystem of product support. Below are the highlights of some of our favorite aspects of their comforting service packages.

Everlong Warranty

DreamCloud makes the guarantees that the construction, quality, and durability of their mattresses will maintain their vigor for the rest of the purchaser’s lifetime. That means that if your ten-year-old gets a DreamCloud for their next birthday—they’ll never have to buy a mattress for their entire lives!

Free Shipping

In all honesty, free shipping isn’t as sensational as most manufacturers make it out to be. You’re still paying the shipping price—it’s just built into the product. Nonetheless, DreamCloud’s free shipping program means that you’re not going to get hit with any weird prices during checkout. In addition, this mattress is what’s considered a Bed-in-a-box design which means it ships via standard ground carriers like UPS and FedEx. This program gets mattresses to buyers faster and in a conveniently transportable form.

365 Night Trial

Nobody can know how a mattress will sleep until giving it a good honest sleepin’. DreamCloud gives this regard a serious hat-tip by offering a year-long window for a full refund. DreamCloud even provides a free concierge service to pick up returns to save customers the nightmare that would be shipping a mattress somewhere.


We’ve seen quite a few mattresses in our time—we’ve all been sleeping on one nearly our entire life. All jokes aside—we’re not kidding about DreamCloud’s Hybrid Memory Foam being one of the best mattresses we’ve ever come across. It’s got a true luxury feel to it and sleeps like several $3500+ mattresses we’ve rolled around on in our time.

We’d recommend this mattress to acrobats, miners, interior designers, and everyone else in between. The DreamCloud Hybrid Memory Foam is one of the best mattresses on the market and is a steal at the price offered by DreamCloud. For more information on this mattress, visit the DreamClound FAQ Page. Our only word of caution would be that if you aren’t a mattress critic then this mattress is likely more than you’d ever need.

Overall Impressions of DreamCloud Mattresses

A lot of mattress brands arrive on the scene with products they claim to be revolutionary in some shape or form. Truth be told—most revolutions in consumer products markets aren’t really what we’d call a “revolution” at all. Nonetheless, bed-in-a-box mattress brands like DreamCloud have been very disruptive to the traditional sales model of more traditional brands and have brought about serious changes in the pricing of mattresses. DreamCloud is a mattress brand offering a quality, luxury hybrid mattress that will put store brands on their heels. If you’re in the market for a hybrid mattress comparable to luxury models like Kluft or Stearns and Foster, you might consider taking a closer look at DreamCloud.