Difference Between a Bed and a Headboard

Posted In Knowledge - 08/02/2018

Rest Easy

A well-appointed bedroom should be both beautiful and restful. As such, the bed can be the centerpiece of your room decor as well as the coziest place in your home. To choose the perfect style, weigh the benefits of purchasing a bed with an attached headboard or buying a headboard separately.

Defining Bed vs. Headboard

The difference between a bed and a headboard lies in their function. Retailers may classify a bed as a bed frame, mattress, or a combination of the two that can include box springs. Bed frames may feature an attached headboard and footboard or come with only a foundation. Foundations are metal, plastic or wood and hold a mattress off of the ground.

A headboard is a piece that goes behind the head of the bed to create added visual drama and cushion between sleepers and the wall. Some models are part of the bed frame, while others may be attached to any simple frame, affixed to the wall or freestanding, which makes it easy to move. Common styles include panel, poster and sleigh.

Do You Need Both a Bed and a Headboard?

Strictly speaking, a bed frame functions perfectly well without a headboard, but it is a nice addition to complete a bedroom's design. Upholstered headboards also work as a back rest for those who like to sit up and watch tv or read in bed.

Bed vs. Headboard Price and Practicality

Sleep on a Budget

A simple frame to support your mattress is really all you need for a decent night's sleep. However, for added style and comfort, you may want to consider other options.

While searching for the ideal bed, keep an eye on price. Beds that come with a headboard or footboard typically cost more than those without. Alternatively, you can buy a basic foundation without these extras and add on a headboard separately. Matching styles and taking care of installation falls to the buyer, but the price tag is usually lower.

Is a Headboard Useful?

Headboards add a stylish, decorative touch that complements the rest of a bedroom suite. In addition, these pieces have practical uses. Headboards keep pillows from falling between the bed and the wall, and some models provide built-in shelves for keeping novels, phones and chargers nearby.

Is a Bed or a Headboard Best for You?

A new bed is an investment, so choosing the configuration you want is important. If the polished look of a matching bedroom suite is what you crave, buy a bed with an attached headboard. For style on a budget, purchasing a bed frame and headboard separately is the perfect solution. In the end, prioritizing comfort and cost is sure to lead you in the right direction.