Demilune Tables

Posted In Knowledge - 07/06/2018

Demilune is a French term meaning half-moon, a beautiful name for these crescent shape tables. With no front corners and a shallow profile, it is an exceptionally great choice for tight hallways and entryways.

Sitting flush against a wall, back of the couch or other furnishings, the gracefully curving front face and tapered legs project an airy presence.  The semicircular shape of a demilune table minimizes bumps and bruises in high traffic areas.

You are wondering which might be the best location in your home to take advantage of the shape and style of one of these beauties? A demilune table is a valuable addition to almost any room, but here are a few of the most popular spots:

Entryway – demilune tables make a great spot to catch your keys and mail by the front door. In fact, this was the spot where demilunes first earned their name in 18thcentury France. Demilune tables replete with ornate gilded details were found elegantly adorning estate entry halls.

Hallways and Landings –add a shallow demilune table to break up a long hallway midway.  Add punctuation to the end of the hallway or soften the corner in an L-shaped hallway or staircase with a demilune and mirror pairing.

Living Room –give an empty wall in your living room presence and purpose with a demilune console table.  If you have space, flank it with a couple of armchairs for a satellite conversation area.  Alternately, a demilune sofa table is just the right size for a lamp and a picture frame or a few items of decor.  Smaller demilune chairside tables offer a graceful addition of useful surface space in even the tightest of living rooms.

Dining Room –if space is too limited in your dining room to accommodate a sideboard, opt for a demilune table to provide service space.  You’ll love having a place to set up refreshments when entertaining or having space for extra serving dishes for family feasts.

Bedroom –the semicircular shape as a bedside table provides more space in the back than a round-top bedside table.  Yet this format takes up less space than a nightstand while offering a curved front with no corners to bump into even in the dark.

Bathroom –a daintily proportioned demilune table with shelves makes an ideal étagère in the bathroom to hold extra lotions, towels or candles.

Top to bottom, you can’t go wrong adding an elegantly shaped demilune table to your home. Have a look around, we are sure there’s an empty nook just waiting to be filled.