How to Decide Between a Couch and a Sectional

Posted In Knowledge - 07/10/2017

Deciding on a sectional vs. sofa might be one of the most debated questions when it comes to home decorating. Each side has its ardent fans and fervent opponents and we're not likely to settle the issue here. What we can do is provide you with a breakdown of the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed purchase.

What's Better for a Smaller Space?

Looking for the best fit for a smaller room or an apartment? Fans of sectionals say they win this one, hands down. The argument is that no other option packs as much seating per square inch of floor space. To get comparable seating with a sofa, you would need to add one or two side chairs or a loveseat, and the spacing required between the pieces would eat up all the real estate in the room.

On the flip side, fans of couches say the ample seating of a sectional is an illusion because the corner piece is wasted space and doesn't provide anywhere for legs to go. The chaise is only good for napping and reduces the usable area to a scant two seats. Couches, on the other hand, offer greater flexibility and won't dominate a small room the way a sectional will.

In truth, the best option depends on the shape of the small room. Certain walls that have cut-ins or odd corners naturally lend themselves to a sectional. If the room has a lot of doorways and windows to work around, a couch is probably the best option.


For spreading out in front of the TV, nothing beats a sectional. There's often enough room for two people to completely lay down and veg out. It's true that reclining sofas also offer maximum leisure, but if you want to get totally horizontal, the sectional wins.


Standard sofas offer greater decorating flexibility, both in terms of fabric and furniture arrangement. A couch can be accented with side chairs and other pieces that complement it without having upholstery that is exactly the same. Sectionals, on the other hand, are a whole lot of the same fabric. Additionally, an individual sofa can usually be repositioned in many ways within the same room. Sectionals often work in only one configuration. This means homeowners who like to frequently rearrange their furniture are out of luck if they purchase a sectional.


There's not a clear winner in this category of the sectional vs. couch battle. Sectional fans say they offer the best value because it would take three pieces of standard furniture to replace one sectional. It's tempting to assume that means you're getting a three-for-one deal. Proponents of couches say you won't be locked into buying all that furniture at once, so you can budget out your purchases to avoid breaking the bank. By buying only exactly the furniture you need, you don't pay for unnecessary items that drive up the cost.

However, as is usually the case, price depends almost entirely on quality. A leather couch with all the bells and whistles can run around the same price as a decent fabric sectional. So long as you know what upholstery you prefer and how many people you need to seat regularly, you can find a sectional or a sofa well within your budget.

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