10 Charming Loft Beds to Fall in Love With

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/11/2021

Loft Beds - A Space Saving Bedroom Solution

Planning ahead and managing square footage is more important than ever, especially with rent prices around the globe going up! Loft beds are particularly good at making the most out of your vertical spaces and adapt to all interior design styles with great ease. This is especially true for the newest models available online.

Today’s loft beds are no longer reserved for kid rooms since teens and adults can transform its lower section into a studying area (or even a stylish home office if needed). So, if you’re looking to overhaul your bedroom with a dash of creativity and modernity, check out this list of charming loft beds to fall in love with!

Avalon Full Workstation Loft Bed


The Avalon workstation loft bed from Coaster Home Furnishings is a great opener for how practical loft beds can be. This loft bed’s lower section can be transformed into a workstation or studying hub thanks to its large, built-in desk. With a sturdy steel structure and timeless contemporary design, this spacious loft bed is great for tweens or freelancers working from home.

Disney Princess Fairytale Loft Bed with Tower


What princess doesn't dream of being rescued from her tower? The Disney Princess Fairytale Loft Bed from Rooms to Go offers a sweet night's sleep under the included draped canopy. 
 Your little one will feel like royalty playing in the lower pink tent that doubles as a castle entrance. This adorable low-profile loft bed comes complete with a whiteboard, tower attachment and ladder - everything but the pea for your perfect princess. 

Softsea High Loft Bed with Desk & Storage


The Softsea high loft bed 
features a tasteful white finish perfect for traditional bedrooms. Loft beds have come a long way, and this piece truly embodies this transition: with a built-in desk and bookshelf, late-night studying sessions can be tackled without leaving the comfort of the bedroom. Designed for tweens, this gorgeous furniture will get plenty of use all the way through college.

Knocbel Low Profile Loft Bed


The fourth charming loft bed to fall in love with comes from Knocbel
. Perfect for smaller children, this cute low-profile loft bed comes with a rolling desk, bookshelf and dresser. If your child's bedroom is short on space, this mini loft is sure to fit the bill. Designed with safety in mind, this loft bed features a full-length guardrail and sturdy ladder. The Knocbel loft comes in three colors - gray, white and espresso - perfect for any bedroom decor. 

Chelsea Home Furniture Mini Loft with Slide

What kid doesn't want to slide out of bed each morning? So when it comes to charming loft beds to fall in love with, it’s impossible not to include the Chelsea Home Furniture Low loft bed. This model is shorter to the ground, making it perfect for kids’ bedrooms with lower ceilings. With an included ladder, slide, a https://images.furniture.com/fm/prod/original/tips-trends/10-loft-beds/chelsea-mini-loft-w-slide.jpg?v=1623418729

three-drawer chest, bookcase and toy box, there's plenty of room! This loft bed offers a creative solution
 to storage problems all at once.

DHP Abode Loft Bed


Small space approved, the DHP loft bed is a fantastic option for small living spaces including apartment bedrooms and dorm rooms.
Designed for tweens and adults, this modern metal loft bed features a classy black finish perfect for black and white bedrooms. Use the included desk and shelves as a study space, or just a place for a midnight snack. The high frame of this loft frees up plenty of floor space, so why not toss a few beanbag chairs or a small sofa underneath?

Walnut Low Profile Loft Bed


The next charming loft bed comes from Home Accent Furnishings
. The twin-size solid wood loft bed has a low profile and comes in a gorgeous walnut finish. This sturdy loft is made of solid wood, featuring surrounding guard rails and an attached step ladder for additional safety. Low-profile loft beds are great for younger children - and are ideal for saving space. Whether you choose to put a small dresser under the loft or use it as a play area, this loft is the perfect addition for any child's bedroom. 

Ashley Furniture Lulu Twin Loft Bed


The Lulu Twin Loft Bed from Ashley Furniture
is no doubt a charming loft bed to fall in love with. This adorable white loft bed has everything your child needs, all in one spot. Surrounded by storage cubbies, the Lulu twin loft can easily become a magical library, a place to display a favorite collection - or with the addition of baskets - a quick and easy way to tidy up! This loft bed is built with a safety-first approach and moderate height, making it a top-pick for children’s bedrooms.

Creekside Chestnut Student Loft Bed


Rooms To Go brings you the brilliant Creekside loft bed, and it includes everything a student could need in their bedroom. Its surrounding rails keep your mattress snugly in place, and the solid pine structure is built to last. Its lower section can accommodate a twin-size trundle for additional guests, or serve as additional storage space. The piece also comes with a storage chest that contains six drawers as well as concealed shelf space at each end.

DHP Studio Modern Metal Loft


The last charming loft bed to fall in love with comes from DHP
, and it’s sure to become a favorite with your child. The sleek, modern design of this gray metal loft bed makes this piece is an amazing addition to any teen or adult room looking to include a cozy workstation underneath the bed. The integrated desk offers an ample surface for a computer, books, a lamp, and any other décor you wish to add to your study area without compromising on functionality or comfort.

Final Thoughts About Loft Beds for Space Saving

Loft beds continue to be a solution for smaller rooms, and with ever-increasing property costs, newer models are perfect for adults or teens looking to include their very own home office in their designated bedroom. Growing families looking to invest in a bed that’ll work for their kids until their late teens will also get superb value out of these charming loft beds to fall in love with.