Breathtaking Bedrooms: Decorative Bedroom Pillows

Posted In Knowledge - 06/26/2019

Placing an assortment of decorative pillows at the head of your bed provides a finishing touch to your bedroom suite that will make you feel pampered at the end of every day. Many people get confused by the seemingly unlimited variety of sizes, shapes, and layering combinations for bedroom pillows. Layering pillows that match or complement your bedding adds texture, patterns, and color pops, resulting in a five-star resort-worthy look for very little effort.

Here we will have a look at the types of pillows and pillow covers that come with a comforter, duvet, quilt, and sheet sets. If you have a quilt or duvet that you love already but don’t have matching pillow assortment, start with the colors and patterns in your bedding as inspiration. Then use these guidelines on layering pillows to build your own curated collection.


Shams are decorative coverings to go over pillow inserts. They differ from the typical pillowcase in that they are made from heavy material that matches or complements the quilt, duvet, or comforter. These are designed for decorative purposes and not to be slept on. You will also notice that they often (but not always) have flanges or ruffles around the edges.

  • Euro shams: Euro shams are typically the tallest pillow you will have on your bed and will, therefore, be placed farthest back against the headboard. A Euro sham pillow insert is square and approximately 26’ x 26”. Euro shams may match the comforter exactly, however often they are either crisp white, solid black, or another complementary solid color that is found within the comforter pattern. Since the bed is wider, king size bedding sets may contain three Euro shams.
  • Standard, Queen or King Sham: These shams are sized to fit the pillow that matches your bed size. If your bed-scape includes both Euro shams and a standard (queen or king) shams, the standard pillows will rest in front of the Euro sham. Alternately, the standard sham could be placed in front of the pillowcase wrapped pillows that match your bedsheets (the pillows you sleep on).

Additional Decorative Bed Pillows

Accent Pillows come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. When creating your bed-scape, start with the bigger items to the back and cascade forward with the smaller cushions in front.

  • Boudoir Pillows are rectangular decorative pillows that are somewhat smaller than standard pillows. Some look like small, travel-sized standard pillows while others are quite long and have a low profile.
  • Bolster Pillows have a cylindrical shape with round ends,
  • Neck Rolls are a smaller version of a bolster,
  • Rounding out the bed and referred to as decorative pillows, toss pillows, accent pillows, and cushions; you’ll find many size options in small, medium and large square decorative pillows, as well as round pillows and other novelty shapes.

Breeze through this photo gallery and consider how different decorative bed pillow combinations create different moods and looks for the bedroom.

By varying the patterns, colors, and textures with each layer you can add depth and interest to your bed and create a stunning centerpiece to your room.

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