Best Jigsaw Puzzle Tables to Keep Your Home Organized

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/27/2021

Whether you make it a family game night or a personal hobby, piecing together a puzzle is a classic way to have fun and get some great mental exercise. However, the puzzle-building process can take up valuable table space, making rooms feel cluttered. A puzzle board table with the right features gives you a dedicated space for your work so you can stay organized while assembling your masterpiece.

How to Choose the Ultimate Puzzle Table

When picking the right jigsaw table, choose one that keeps your work area comfortable and organized. A puzzle table with drawers makes it easy to store and coordinate pieces, so you avoid losing them. And, while a sturdy, wood table with a luxurious finish is a welcome addition to any home, for small spaces, you might consider a foldable puzzle table you can store when not in use.

Puzzle board tables come in different sizes and heights, too. If you prefer larger puzzles, choose a table to accommodate 2,000 or more pieces. Also, be sure you have a comfortable chair with enough support so you can work as long as you want. The following jigsaw tables have convenient and useful features so you can keep building that artwork while enjoying time alone or with the family.

Foldable Puzzle Tables

Meco STAKMORE Straight Edge Folding Card Table

The Stakmore Straight Edge Folding Card Table is a stylish, versatile option for board games as well as large puzzles. Premium solid wood in classic finishes like cherry or oak offer a timeless look, and a folding jigsaw table that comes fully assembled makes game nights or quiet, meditative puzzle time effortless and fun.

COSCO XL Fold-in-Half Card Table with A Handle

This foldable puzzle table from Cosco is a winner for puzzle fans that love a more minimalist vibe. This jigsaw table's lightweight steel frame offers stability plus more tabletop space than a traditional card table. The smooth black resin top is also easy to wipe down, and the table folds in half for compact storage, while the convenient handle allows for easy transport.

Bits and Pieces - Puzzle Expert Wooden Tilt-Up Table

Place the Puzzle Expert flat on an existing table or pop out the reinforced support legs for a freestanding puzzle table. The tilt-up top features a generous 25" x 34" work surface to accommodate standard 1,500 piece puzzles. Plus, the non-slip felt-covered work surface keeps puzzle pieces close at hand. When your jigsaw session is over, use the stylish cover to secure your puzzle in progress.

Bits & Pieces 38″ Folding Puzzle Table

The Folding Puzzle Table by Bits and Pieces has a fold-and-go design that lets you move puzzles without disturbing your work. Two felt-lined panels, a spacious surface and foldable legs let you work from your recliner or the kitchen table. When you're done for the day, close the portable puzzle table's dual-panel cover to reveal a lovely wood top that can serve as a desk for your laptop and mouse.

Adjustable Jigsaw Tables

Kealive Adjustable Drafting Table

An adjustable puzzle table makes your workspace feel more comfortable. The Kealive Adjustable Drafting & Hobby Table is a dual-purpose option that functions as an artist's drafting table or flat standard-height surface. This modern, functional table offers extra storage with multiple drawers and an adjustable top that's ideal for jigsaw buffs prone to neck strain or back pain.

JIGTABLE - Jigsaw Puzzle Table from Jigthing

Designed with puzzle enthusiasts in mind, the Jigtable from Jigthings offers a relaxing way to build puzzles. Ideal for those with back pain, the table has an adjustable leg height so you can sit comfortably. This puzzle table also has a frame wide enough to fit a recliner with wheels for easy mobility. Raise the tabletop at an angle for puzzles or keep it flat to use it as a dining tray or portable workstation.

Puzzle Tables with Drawers

Fanwer Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Made with solid wood, the Fanwer Jigsaw Puzzle Table comes fully assembled. Secure unused puzzle pieces in the two latched side drawers and use the easel-back bracket to adjust the puzzle board table to different angles for your comfort. The high-quality anti-slip felt mat keeps pieces from falling to the floor.

When not in use, simply put the cover plate in place to protect your puzzle. Once the top is closed, this practical puzzle table is useful as a portable office desk or card table. After you've connected the last piece, the borderless surface lets you remove a finished puzzle easily, so you can frame it and put it on display.

Custom Options for Jigsaw Tables

A custom jigsaw table lets you personalize your work surface to cater to your puzzle-building needs. A customizable table lets you choose the features you want most, whether that means storage, a more refined work surface or a design and finish that complements your existing home furniture. Custom tables also make the perfect gift for fellow puzzle lovers.

Finding the Best Puzzle Table

Enjoy your hobby free of discomfort and clutter with an organized, comfortable workspace. Puzzle table features like foldable covers or legs, adjustable heights or drawers let you customize your experience so you can work wherever and whenever you like. From drafting table designs to arts-and-crafts tables, the ultimate jigsaw table is the one that best suits your needs and style