9 Beautiful Colonial Master Bedroom Ideas

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/19/2021

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place where you can relax and escape the convulsed, often stressful routines that populate our day. Many studies also show that deep recuperative sleep is central to a healthy life, so in a way, your bedroom represents the foundation in which a healthier life is built.

These beautiful colonial master bedroom ideas come from laureate designers that create well-decorated bedrooms capable of easing you into a deep sleep, optimizing your sleep as well as energizing your mornings. Let’s begin!

Modern Colonial Remodeling


Joel Reis perfectly captured this Malibu Colonial bedroom’s transition into a modern bedroom. This 1960s Ranch House featured the traditionally wide colonial room dimensions and its matching furniture at the time.

The owners decided to go for a modern approach and removed all non-essential furniture, including the bed’s wooden base and integrated delicate black décor, lamps as well as access to the room’s terrace. The result is a comforting, very state-of-the-art resting pad that is a door away from the morning’s energizing sunlight and magnificent landscape views.

Colonial Beach Cottage Fusion


Michael Pagnotta Architecture & Construction offers this beautiful colonial master bedroom idea, filled with creativity and nautical overtones. Michael and his team skillfully adapted the Coastal style (also known as beach style) design into the colonial’s bedroom architecture, and elegantly infused the area with oceanic vibes. The rich patterns align with the traditional navy blue and white color palette this style is known for, crowned by a gorgeous 6-light satin bronze Sea Gull chandelier.

Incorporate Ample Natural Lighting


Livesay-Grumet & Associates remodeled this gorgeous colonial bedroom during a Rancho Santa Fe project. Colonial bedrooms are often confined by thick walls with limited window space, a necessary architectural decision given the equally limited temperature control resources available at the time. This talented team of interior designers integrated an ample sliding door that maximized natural lighting present in the room and offered a magnificent view of the nearby golf course. Crowned by a Vintage Barlow Chandelier, this colonial bedroom maintains its essence and beauty while making the most out of its surroundings.

Welcome the Tropic Into Your Bedroom


These beautiful colonial master bedroom ideas were curated by JMZK Partners during an Orange County remodeling project. By incorporating a tropical dark wood floor, the rest of the traditional furniture created a delicate brown gradient that gracefully contrasts with the room’s white ceiling, covers, and drapes. The four-poster bed retains some of the room’s colonial ethos, while the magnificent ocean view and illustrations transport you to a Hawaiian resort, only steps away from your bed.

Incorporate Aluminum Wall Art


M House Developments incorporated this beautiful colonial master bedroom idea during a Chicago farmhouse remodeling project. The room itself features an incredibly sober, yet elegant color palette: contemporary black and white contrasting elements, with brass and aluminum accents peppered throughout the area. The addition of a trendy aluminum wall art at the top of the headboard is a stroke of genius and turns this colonial bedroom into a marvelous contemporary composition.

Canvas Art As the Room’s Focal Point


The Robin Kencel Group presents us with this jaw-dropping, luxurious colonial bedroom rework. The room itself features plenty of negative space that allows for easy circulation and functionality while shifting attention onto the room’s focal point: its magnificent canvas art. By integrating eye-catching artwork, the room’s sober luxury is elevated to deep sophistication. Introducing art into a large Georgian Colonial bedroom can seem like a daunting task, but it’s certainly possible as long as the room allows it to shine.

Install a Soothing Bedroom Wallpaper


Le Blanc Interior Design brilliantly used a soothing bedroom wallpaper on this transitional colonial bedroom. Colonial bedroom traditionally features light monochromatic walls that inspire cleanliness, and strictly adhere to the room’s color scheme. Yet wallpapers can creatively deliver this tranquil feeling to your bedroom and add new themes and depth to the bedroom. Notice how the High Faux Wood Grain table lamp, and the brown finishing on the bed’s base and headboard served as the room’s contrasting element, while the interior designer went with a cooler green wallpaper to permeate the room with nature’s touch.

Integrate Your Fireplace Into the Room


These beautiful colonial master bedroom ideas were skillfully materialized by Lauri Morrison. Colonial homes typically feature large fireplaces due to their heating efficiency during the colonial periods and are sometimes phased out of bedrooms today. Lauri however cleverly integrated it as part of this gorgeous Mediterranean remodel that showcases delicate black and ivory-white contrasting elements inside Spanish colonial architecture. The result is a truly beautiful bedroom that inspires cleanliness, and sophisticated comfort.

Create a Texture-Rich Bedroom


This stunning colonial master bedroom remodeling comes to us from KBW Interiors. Many designers tend to build a color scheme based on powerful contrasts that synergize with the existing architecture. But this talented team exposes us to new exciting possibilities. The combination of unsaturated pastel colors, coupled with a masterful use of patterns, textures, and fabric creates an exquisite environment. Luxury can be perceived across several senses, yet few designers can manifest it in such a thorough way.

Final Thoughts About Colonial Master Bedrooms

Good, quality sleep improves productivity, boosts immune functions, and preserves our mental health. In that sense, having a wonderfully decorated bedroom means directly investing in your wellbeing. We hope these incredibly creative ideas inspire you to create your own personal temple, optimized for a good night’s rest for many years to come!