9 Beautiful Blue Nursery Ideas

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/01/2021

Colors can stimulate physical and emotional responses, even at the earliest stages of our lives. Blue happens to be one of the most versatile colors, suiting a wide range of interior design styles and themes. Studies also show that it can transmit calm, soothing feelings instantly, making it an obvious pick for a nursery room.

These beautiful blue nursery ideas can help you choose the right tone, furniture, and matching decorations for your newborn’s room. They can also spark your creativity, and allow you to create sophisticated, playful, or traditionally soothing nursery compositions your baby will cherish. Let’s begin!

Combining Navy Blue with Patterned Ceilings

This beautiful blue nursery idea from The Brooklyn Home Company shows you how to balance an elegant yet absorbent navy-blue wall coating. Traditionally, ceilings are left to be simply white but by using yellow stripes you can create a playful atmosphere that goes well with white or wooden furniture.

Combining Your White Walls with Various Blue Decorations

Contemporary designs are all about punctuating (through room decorations) a mix of beautiful elements that deliver a soothing and enjoyable space. The Fresh Start Contracting team brings us their take on a blue-themed nursery by complementing a wooden floor with blue-toned textures. Hammond Design chose white furniture with bold blue accents along with soft Egyptian blue binds to balance the room’s color palette. Finally, the gorgeous grey-blue patterned carpet delicately mirrors the dynamic ceiling wallpaper to finish this wonderful composition.

50% White 50% Blue = 100% Gorgeous

Duo-chromatic wall coloring is one of this year’s major trends, and it’s made its way into nursery design. These beautiful blue nursery ideas come to us from Ann Ueno Interior Design, and with their contemporary take on a nursery, they’re managed to recreate something marvelous. The dark wooden furniture, greenery decor, and ample natural lighting bring balance to the room and set the stage for the gorgeous kid’s carpet.

Pastel Colors for A Breezy Nursery

In an original, ocean-inspired style, Amy Elbaum from AE Designs presents their marvelous take on a blue nursery room. The walls feature a most delicate aqua-pastel gradient that eases the soul. The rattan pieces and wooden floor bring some contrast to the subtle pink and soft purple tones present throughout this mesmerizing room.

Navy Blue Contrast

Jackie Konczol, the co-founder of The Doll Kind, shares with us her DIY nursery project, filled with beautiful blue nursery ideas. Introducing a deep navy blue to a boy’s nursery room is a fairly safe choice for most designers. However, incorporating it for a girl’s nursery requires masterful planning and technique. The white ceiling perfectly pairs with the pink furniture and decor and allows the deep blue-colored walls to create this sophisticated, stunning contrast.

Peppering Neutral Colored Spaces with Blue Details

Blue can be the perfect addition for any gray-toned rooms you’re considering repurposing for your baby. August Lace, sought to modernize this area by combining the abundant white and gray carpeted floor with the blue patterned wallpaper, blue crib sheets, and blue cushions. The result is this smooth, serene nursery with clear minimalist vibes.

Leverage Natural Lighting

Traditional rooms can evolve into beautiful and fresh blue-themed nurseries if you favor light colors and organic textures. In this impressive remodeling project, Erin Francois covered a section of the floor with a soft straw-like patterned carpet and a section of the wall with a playful blue pattern. By combining these two elements, the room’s natural lighting was able to take the stage and make the contrasts pop.

Teal & Light Wood Combo

Unsure whether to pick a deep, or a light blue tone for your nursery’s color palette? Why not choose teal? Teal is a very stimulating color that reflects natural lighting wonderfully. It pairs well with a wide range of furniture too: in this case, light wooden furniture also matched the property’s flooring, making it a clear-cut winner. Style Me Pretty shows us that beautiful blue nursery ideas need to have a contrasting, playful element to them.

Simplicity and Light Blue Tones

Eilidh Wells (creator of Maisy Meow) made wonderful use of minimalism in this modern, gender-neutral nursery design. Fusing this light steel blue wall painting with white blinds and furniture allowed Eilidh to transform what was once a messy storage room into a shared nursery. With ample lighting and a clutter-free environment, this minimalist nursery remains stylish and highly functional.

Final Thoughts About Blue Nursery Ideas

Just as the clear sky of a beautiful spring day can infuse us with a relaxing yet exciting sensation, these beautiful blue nursery ideas can transmit excitement and tranquility simultaneously. All of these outstanding designers can help as a reference when choosing textures, colors, furniture, and decorations that give you, and your baby, the room you deserve.