9 Beautiful Art Deco Craft Room Ideas

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/03/2021

Craft rooms are dedicated spaces in which we can unleash our creativity, productivity, and even artistic potential. The Art Deco style can either provide elegance through a modern take or make a craft room pop up by sticking to the style’s original roots. In terms of space, you could choose to overhaul a room or dedicate an unused corner to include these beautiful art deco craft room ideas.

Our beautiful art deco craft room ideas not only show you the fantastic work of their designers, but they can also give you clever and practical ideas with which to modernize your workspace. Remember that Art Deco can be as rich and comforting as you want it to be, it's just a matter of choosing the right elements!

Enhancing Natural Light while Refitting Social Areas


True to an artist lifestyle, to favor lots of natural light (ideal for craft rooms located in multipurpose areas), a more chic approach on art deco was taken in Dani Nagel’s Hollywood Hill Penthouse: notice how she combined a cozy palette of pinks, blues, and neutrals paired with several geometric paintings concentrated behind a workbench and a painting easel. Special thanks to Jenna Peffley for the awesome photography work, it perfectly captured the room’s cozy atmosphere.

Energize Your Craft Room with Color & Textures


Jennifer of Studio Pebbles repurposed this office room through an Art Deco homage. She cleverly used opposite colors of wall coatings that reminisce the original black and white mosaic floors of the 1920s. Notice the recognizable rounded and elongated letters and line details of Art deco typography decorating the wall, inspiring you through a long workday.


We can’t miss the opportunity to showcase decorations such as the patterned carpet, metallic lamp, and the 1950’s style center table referencing the eclectic art deco take from that decade. No doubt one of the top beautiful art deco craft room ideas featured today.

Built-in Storage and Art Deco patterns


This craft room design by Hadley Mendelsohn features the use of a light blue hue coating for the walls & the embedded built-in storage. not only does the built-in storage saves space, but it also allows this craft room to function as an office if need be. Also, notice how the center paper wall uses a typical art deco abstract pattern. Absolutely stunning.

Use Contrast Decor & Vintage Pieces


The room shown above was curated under a wonderful DIY project by Susan, Between Naps on the Porch’s Design Editor. By going for maximum space use, versatility (and the appealing atmosphere that art deco boldness allows), this rustic kitchen and dining room traditional area was transformed into a spacious craft room.


Black tiles were installed to recreate a Gatsby-style mosaic. Pink painting blended well with the rustic wooden cabinets while contrasting with the black ceramic tops, creating a breathtaking craft room.

Vintage Decor & Metals on Your Craft Room


The following room design by Adrienne Elizabeth uses the best that modern art deco elements bring to the table. Craft rooms often are disorganized and wild as creativity and work fuse in every craft project. As such, any element and array that could associate the room with cleanliness and order would motivate its user to (as the proverb says) give a place for everything and everything in its place. This all-white built-in embedded furniture with shelves organizes work elements and showcases vintage décor pieces that pair well with the 1920s lamp.


A craft deck/office desk in the center creates a pleasant symmetry with a smaller craft table positioned on the corner. Adrienne also thought of repurposing a steel door as a backboard for notes/drafts/pictures. The white and gray palette not only blended everything beautifully but also enhanced crystal and metallic shine as the natural light pours in. This whole composition sprawls with beautiful art deco craft room ideas.

Use a Black & Gold Palette for a Stylish Craft Room


This room design by Susan featured in her Decor Design Blog was an impressive project accomplished by reusing and restoring your typical tall bookcases. The original Art Deco relied on black & gold contrast to convey opulence and bold imagery; Susan used this to bring elegance into this craft room, allowing for antiques, patterned boxes, and folders to coexist in an orderly and pleasant fashion.


Her classical reception desk stands out as the glamorous and sleek centerpiece of this craft room, being bold and symmetrical as original home offices did in the 1920s. By flirting with the classical trends of the 19th century, her desk becomes imposing as the natural light showers on top of it. A beautiful symbolic reference on how the thought and work of its user become the essence of every craft room. This project truly graces us with beautiful art deco craft room ideas.

Colorful Patterns & Brightness in Secluded Spaces


The beautiful craft room you see above was curated by Dana Feldstein, featuring an Avant-Garde chic deco style that captivates a combination of zig-zags and other colorful patterns popping up across the circled architecture of this craft room.


The white & cream coating provides a comforting background in which the chic pastel pallet stands out through vases, boxes, picture frames, and textiles of such colors. Not to mention, it gives an expanding sensation when working on it. Notice the metallic decorations on the chimney and the vintage desk and chairs, a conceptual must for any art deco-inspired work area.

Refitting Vintage Furniture


This craft room design by Jenny Komenda, the founder of the successful Juniper Home website, is all about art-deco glamour and boldness. Versatile enough to serve as an office, this craft room’s aesthetics revolve around the lively red-coated console.


The craft room’s white wall, chalk paintings, patterned rug, board, and desk all go white and bright to balance the touches of such a glamorous and strong color. Color-wise is very much a modern take on art deco, nonetheless, the use of so many vintage elements and reminiscing patterns makes it true to the original feminine art deco style. This project inspires all sorts of beautiful art deco craft room ideas, especially when it comes to color harmony.

Using Patterned Wallpapers & Negative Space


The room you’re seeing above was designed by Shirley Meisels when undertaking a residential project in Toronto, Canada (with outstanding results). The room can serve as both an office or craft room, reminiscing an art deco style by incorporating a metal lamp & stand as well as the bold combination of black, white, and gold colors. The patterned wallpaper is an additional feature in which elegance can also be attained through a well-conceived extravaganza.


Homes nowadays must be capable of hosting dedicated workspaces that can help zone out of distractions. Unfortunately, day-to-day life can easily force us to cope with disorganized craft rooms, especially when work & projects accumulate.

Luckily, Art Deco is a style that’s capable of freshening up this important workspace to inspire and even build up personal efficiency. Each of the Beautiful Art Deco Craft Room Ideas shown above has takes on how to elegantly energize your craft room regardless of your budget. We invite you to be bold and experiment with Art Deco today!