Affluent Memory Foam Mattress from SweetZzz

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/04/2021

Sweet Zzz is a relative newcomer to the mattress market so we wanted to take some time and share their product with our readers. Their Affluent Rest gel memory foam mattress, is a great choice for those seeking a medium-firm memory foam option. This mattress offers three foam layers designed to offer contour support while also providing rigid edge support as well.

True Memory Foam Feel

Anyone having experienced a memory foam mattress has immediately recognized how well these types of mattresses are able to provide support to elbows, knees, and shoulders. Memory foam allows pressure points to sink in deeply while still offering broader support to larger areas of the body. For many, the true memory foam experience is most evident in firmer mattresses. The Affluent Rest by SweetZzz is a firmer memory foam mattress. This is ideal for stomach or back sleepers for the lumbar support but also remains accommodating for side sleepers seeking support for proper spinal alignment.

The SweetZzz Affluent Rest features several layers of high-density memory foam.

Multiple Layers of Balanced Support

The SweetZzz Affluent Rest memory foam mattress is designed to contour, promote good airflow, and offer solid foundational support. This design has been realized by four distinct layers, each designed with a specific purpose in mind.

Layer One: 1” Natural Cotton

This layer is a breath of fresh air compared to many similarly-priced mattresses on the market. Whereas many mattress covers are skimpy little sheets of cotton, the Affluent Rest offers a thicker more immersive top cover. 

Layer Two: 2” O-Cell Cooling Gel Memory Foam

This layer features a 5-pound density gel memory foam that’s been engineered to promote greater airflow. SweetZzz accomplished this by increasing the size of the cellular structures (pores) found in this material in such a way that, according to their website, increases airflow by 95%. One drawback to many memory foam mattresses is their retention of heat. The O-Cell technology from SweetZzz seems to dodge this issue with elegance.

Layer Three: 2” Premium O-Cell Memory Foam

Once you get deeper into a mattress, things become more about support than about cooling. Denser layers that offer less response and more support are ideal. This graduated approach is embodied in the SweetZzz Affluent Rest mattress by the inclusion of a 2” thick, 5-pound/cubic foot density memory foam layer underneath the gel memory foam layer. This material still features the O-Cell design to promote breathability but offers firmer support.

Layer Four: Dense Support Base

The most effective design for memory foam mattresses is one that features softer, contouring top layers which feature a more solid and rigid bottom layer for support. This allows for all the soft stuff to happen up top without compromising the edge integrity of overall weight distribution. Just like one wouldn’t want to live in a house without a strong foundation—sleeping on a memory foam mattress without a solid bottom layer isn’t recommended either! The SweetZzz Affluent Rest has a 7” thick dense foam layer positioned beneath each of its topmost layers to offer this type of essential support.

The SweetZzz Affluent Rest is what we would consider a “true memory foam mattress”

What is it like?

Sleeping with the SweetZzz Affluent Rest is a very positive experience and is recommended to anyone looking for a memory foam mattress that’s slightly firmer than most give it a try. This mattress is made with Certi-PUR certified materials which help reduce the overall odor initially. The benefit of CertiPur-certified products is that they are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are responsible for very unpleasant odors as foam mattresses start to expand. The Affluent Rest offers a true memory foam experience which isn’t something one is able to find among most other memory foam mattresses on today’s market.

This mattress is ideal for stomach and back sleepers but also a doable option for side sleepers. We categorize this mattress to be a 6-7.5 on the firmness scale, though would point out that memory foam firmness is a bit more dynamic than other mattresses. That’s to say; while this mattress offers an overall medium-firm sleep it still provides very accommodating support for pressure points like elbows and shoulders. As with any memory foam mattress, we’d caution those unfamiliar with memory foam that this will be a very different experience compared to traditional mattresses or even some hybrid mattresses.

The Affluent Rest comes with a lifetime warranty, a 100-night in-home trial, and free shipping.

Try Before You Buy

No matter how much prior research is done, one has no way to be sure they have bought the best mattress for themself until they've spent a few nights sleeping on it. SweetZzz offers a 100-Night in-home trial period during which you are free to sleep on one of their mattresses risk-free. That means after you buy the Affluent Rest mattress, if you decide it’s not the best mattress for you, you are able to return it up to 100 days later and receive a full refund. Many other mattress brands offer year-long trial periods but, in our opinion, there’s nothing you’ll learn after the first 30 days that you’ll find out on the 365th. After the in-home trial period is over the SweetZzz Affluent Rest is covered by a lifetime warranty. We’d point out that just because a mattress is covered for lifetime use doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be sanitary for lifetime use. Nonetheless, a lifetime warranty means you’ll never have to think twice about the performance of your mattress.

Overall Impressions of the SweetZzz Affluent Memory Foam Mattress

SweetZzz is a relative newcomer and we were skeptical about the quality of their products—as we are with any new brand. We are no longer skeptical towards the quality of SweetZzz mattresses after having the opportunity to test the Affluent Rest memory foam mattress for ourselves and would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality memory foam mattress. The unique O-Cell foam materials in this mattress offer a very breathable experience and are well-supported by a denser foundation. We’d like to see the price come down a bit but, overall, find this mattress to be an exceptional memory foam option.