Area Rugs

Area Rugs for Sale

Stylish and useful, area rugs bring instant color and charm to your layout. Whether you prefer earth tones, bold pinks and purples or something in between, our collection includes a variety of different options. Browse modern, rustic or traditional designs to find an area rug that fits your unique personality and tastes. More

Available in several sizes and shapes, area rugs work well in most spaces. Long rectangular mats help protect high traffic areas like halls or entryways. To give your home a cozy feel, consider using a large rug over hardwood flooring in a master suite or den. Or, arrange a round area rug beneath a dining setor a pair of recliners to highlight your favorite furnishings.

Discover your new area rug among our vast array of patterns and textures. Complement modern furnishings with geometric shapes and colorful abstracts, or opt for classic designs inspired by cultures from around the world. From thick, plush piles to soft, smooth surfaces, area rugs make every home a bit more warm and welcoming.