How to Choose a Rug

Perfect for large homes and cozy apartments alike, rugs serve as both fundamental pieces and focal points of any space. Large area rugs create a canvas for the entire room, while smaller rugs draw the eye to specific areas. In a large room, perfectly placed area rugs can help define the space, creating smaller sitting areas within the room.

Bare hardwood floors can always benefit from the addition of a warm, plush rug, but carpeted rooms can also benefit from rugs, which add contrasting textures and patterns. Get creative by hanging elegant rugs on walls or layering rugs to mix and match different tones and textures. Ultimately, rugs offer a versatile way to enhance your home's decor and give your room a finished look.

Size, Budget & Style

Shop fashionable rugs available in a range of prices and sizes to fit any space or budget. In larger spaces, area rugs can brighten the room or define the space. Placing a rug underneath a coffee table in a small room adds a touch of style and color without sacrificing additional space. While rugs vary extensively in cost, we offer rugs in every price range to ensure you’ll find one that matches your budget.

Rug shapes range from square or rectangular to circular or oval. Many people place rugs under tables, dining sets or other large furniture pieces, making choosing the perfect size essential. To ensure your rug will fit your décor perfectly, pick out a rug and furniture for your room at the same time.

Choosing the Color & Pattern of your Rug

A great rug commands attention as soon as you enter the room. A carefully selected rug can add a pop of color to an otherwise dull space or offer a subdued balance to a room decorated with vibrant hues and patterns. Try matching accent pieces, like throw pillows and curtains, to your rug to really accentuate any color scheme.

Successful decorating is all about balance. If your room already features big, bold patterns, choose rugs with subdued patterns or textures. On the other hand, a rug featuring a unique pattern or vibrant color can brighten up a room that otherwise features fairly neutral or solid furniture colors. For example, dining rooms are a great place for patterns. As dining furniture is often subdued, a skillfully place patterned rug can bring the room to life.

Fabrics & Materials

Quality rug fabrics are durable and plush with a luxurious appearance. Long-lasting and soft materials include wool, silk and cotton. While rugs in these materials are higher in cost, they can handle more use. In contrast, synthetic fibers are a great choice when decorating on a budget. Synthetic materials are designed to look just like expensive fabrics, however, rugs made of these materials will not likely last as long. If shopping for thicker materials that add appealing texture to a room, choose a stylish shag rug for your space.