Cal King

California King Size Mattress

How to Buy a California King Mattress

Standard Size and Dimensions
Slightly longer than a conventional king size mattress, a California king size mattress is also a bit narrower. California king mattress dimensions sit at 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, as opposed to the standard king measurements of 76 inches by 80 inches.

Common Measurement Questions

  • Question: How wide is a California king mattress?
    Answer: The width is 72 inches.
  • Question: How long is a California king mattress?
    Answer: The length is 84 inches.

California King vs Standard King
To review, below are the differences between a standard king and a California king in table format:

California kingStandard king

The size of a California king mattress typically works best for taller sleepers, who prefer to keep feet from dangling uncomfortably over the edge of the bed, and still remains wide enough for sprawling out. Mattress height may vary, as well, with some resting lower and others measuring as high as 16 inches, or more.