Create an Elegant Retreat With Pergola Decorating Ideas 

A pergola is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. These stylish structures offer partial protection from the hot sun and rain showers so you can enjoy your yard in all seasons. They’re also a natural gathering space for hosting guests at a summer barbeque, an elegant dinner party, and more.  

Understanding how to decorate a pergola will help you create an attractive and inviting outdoor area. Here are our top pergola decorating ideas for designing your dream outdoor space.  

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Relax With Weather-Proof Seating 

Every pergola needs cozy seating that can withstand the elements. Look for durable and weather-resistant furniture designed for outdoor use.   

Synthetic resin wicker is one of the best materials for outdoor seating. If you like entertaining, consider a wicker dining set with a table and matching chairs. This furniture lets you gather with friends and family for delicious meals and long conversations under the pergola. You can also add a cozy lounge area with a wicker sofa or wicker swivel chairs. 

Metal furniture also holds up well against the sun, rain, and other weather conditions. The most durable yet lightweight materials include aluminum or galvanized steel. Choose a metal dining set for effortless outdoor entertaining. Group metal chairs together or add a metal bench for extra seating. 


Add weather-resistant cushions and pillows to your seating to maximize people's comfort. This lets you relax in style while you read a book or chat with your guests.   

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Accessorize With an Outdoor Rug 

Decorate your pergola with an outdoor rug in popular materials like:  

Polypropylene: This tough plastic is fade- and stain-resistant. It’s also breathable and won’t grow mold or mildew. You can easily clean polypropylene rugs with soap and water. 

Polyester: This synthetic material resists UV rays and water. A polyester rug can withstand years of outdoor use. 

Jute and sisal: These natural materials are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. However, jute and sisal rugs fade in direct sunlight and can quickly grow mold if wet. Only choose these materials if your pergola provides adequate coverage from the elements. 

Use outdoor rugs to define different areas under the pergola. For example, you can place outdoor rugs under your dining set and seating area. These furnishings will make the space look more cohesive and welcoming.  

Create Privacy With Walls 

Give yourself more outdoor privacy by enclosing the pergola on one or more sides. Here are some materials you could use:  

Wood: Build a wooden wall on one side of the pergola. For added greenery, hang planters or install trellises along the wall. 

Metal: To protect your privacy, install a decorative metal panel or screen. These fixtures come in many patterns and add a modern touch to any pergola. 

Curtains or drapes: Weather-resistant curtains or drapes add temporary privacy and shade. Look for dense fabric that resists water and wind. When you want to enjoy an unrestricted view of the yard, simply tie the curtains to the side of the pergola. 

Sun shades: Fabric sun shades block harmful UV rays, rain, and the eyes of nosy neighbors. Install retractable sun shades for maximum convenience and flexibility. 

Add Magical Lighting 

Choose the right lighting to set the mood. Consider these options:  

String lights: Charm your guests with twinkling string lights. Hang strands of white string lights from the pergola’s roof to brighten the space and create a cozy atmosphere. You can also wind the string lights around the pergola’s posts for additional lighting. 

Fire pit: On chilly evenings, guests will enjoy gathering around a warm fire pit table. The flickering flames will help light the space and create an inviting ambiance. 

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Pendant lighting: Elevate your pergola by hanging metal pendant lights from the roof. These lights will create a more formal dining space and cast a warm glow over your meals.

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Personalize With Accessories 

Customize your pergola with stylish outdoor accessories. Here are a few pergola décor ideas to help you get started:  

Throw pillows: Choose colorful outdoor pillows that enhance the atmosphere. For example, soft blue pillows help create a serene mood, while bright yellow or orange pillows energize the space. 

Candles: Add soft lighting with waterproof outdoor candles. 

Plants: Enliven your space by surrounding the pergola with potted plants or hanging flower baskets from the roof. 

Enjoy Shady Relaxation 

A pergola is ideal for hosting a delightful summer soiree or relaxing in solitude. Decorating your pergola will help you set the right mood and customize your space. Get started by exploring high-quality outdoor furniture sets