Minimalist Decor & Furniture

Minimalist Style Furniture & Decor

Simplicity breeds better design when it comes to minimalist-style furniture. Simple and pure, with an eye toward slicing away the unnecessary, minimalist style feels almost sculptural — but still warm and inviting. It's all about creating plenty of visual space. Neutral backdrops allow you to highlight areas with tastefully placed, colorful accents. Check out our growing selection of minimal-style furniture and watch your home's square footage jump by leaps and bounds.

Minimalist design is expressed both through decor and design. It’s about visual aesthetics and lifestyle philosophy. Keeping things simple, avoiding clutter, and refraining from using more than one needs are three pillars of minimalist design.

Minimalism is often expressed by the use of open spaces, modern facades, and neutral tones. Modern design elements are common to minimalist spaces but not required. The stark, no-nonsense characteristics common to many modern design patterns are in lock-step with minimalism—that’s why the two frequently overlap.

Another style that is often compared to minimalist design is Japandi. The Japandi design has trended since 2017, but its roots are centuries old. This fusion between the minimalist, modern Scandinavian style and the traditional and delicate Japanese style offers sophistication and truly unique living environments.

Both styles excel at creating rooms that are comfortable (and convenient to use) for very specific functions. And while the Japanese style advocates for the highest level of craftsmanship when it comes to décor and accessories, the Japandi style’s minimalist tendencies require them to be used sparingly and to never sacrifice the room’s functionality and serene atmosphere.