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Rain White BookcaseRain White Bookcase
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Glacier Oak Bookcase

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White 36" BookcaseWhite 36" Bookcase

Gardner White

White 36" Bookcase

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Gardner White

Realyn 75" Bookcase

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Can white bookcases be used in rooms other than the living room or home office?

Of course! While living rooms and offices are more popular, you can put a white bookcase in many different rooms and indoor spaces. For instance, a white bookcase works great in a bedroom, especially when paired with a reading chair. Larger kitchens can also accommodate bookcases next to the pantry, and a thin, stylish bookshelf can find a natural home in a hallway or smaller nook around the house. We've even seen mini-bookshelves in glamorous, spacious bathrooms. Remember, bookcases don't have to hold books, so you're only limited by your imagination.

How to choose the right size bookcase?

First, analyze where it'll go. Bookcases can be tall, but they shouldn't overpower the objects next to them. For example, if you have an armoire or entertainment unit, ensure your bookcase is similar in height. Knowing how you'll use your bookshelf — whether functionally or decoratively — can also help you figure out the size you'll need. Finally, the overall size of the room matters. With larger spaces, a more prominent piece works well, but consider opting for a thin or slender design in rooms with less space to work with.

Should bookshelves be the same color as the walls?

It depends on what you're trying to achieve. A white bookcase against white or beige walls creates a sense of peace, serenity, and utter calm, as many all-white aesthetics do. Many people like this seamless, cohesive look, as the harmony among whites and lights make the room feel larger. On the other hand, putting a white bookcase against a darker color — any color — will create a stark contrast that's impossible to miss when you walk into a room. Place a sparkling white bookcase in a dark, monochromatic setting for the most dramatic effect to give it an almost mythical aesthetic.
Certain pieces of furniture — beds, dining tables, sofas — are mainstays you typically find in the same settings. But some pieces are more versatile and look just as at home in the bedroom and living room as in the kitchen, bathroom, or garage.

That's what you get with bookcases and bookshelves. They're incredibly functional anchor pieces that come in many sizes. Bookshelves typically unify and complement a design, but it's also common for them to grab the spotlight — as is the case with white bookcases.

There's a reason white is the most common color to paint furniture. Its clean, uncomplicated look has stood the ultimate test of time, delivering an aesthetic that never seems to age or lose appeal. Regardless of personal preference, guests will appreciate the freshness and purity of a white bookcase. A white bookshelf today will look as it did 50 years ago and as it will 50 years from now: classic and timeless.

With so much detail to consider, from size and style to features, hardware, and functionality, finding the right white bookcase has nuance. Whether you want it to blend with your living room style or serve as the centerpiece of your study, check out our white bookcase directory to find hundreds of options near you.