Living Room Tables

Living Room Table Furniture

Coffee and end or sofa tables are great finishing touches to any living room. Be sure to account for these items in your budget as they add functionality. They also add style by creating pops of color and texture. More

How to Choose Living Room Tables


When choosing the type of table you would like, size may be the most important consideration. Coffee tables should be two-thirds the length of your couch and leave plenty of room to stretch your legs. Sofa, console or end tables should be short, matching the height of sofa arms and a reasonably wide design to allow for functionality.

Choosing a Style

The shape of a front room table is very important. People with pets and children should consider round tables because they have smooth edges and are easier to move around. Also, round tables appear to take up less room which is beneficial for halls or smaller living spaces. Square or skinny rectangular pieces with lift top or drawers offer both extra storage and surface space.

Selecting Materials

Though wood tables are a classic choice, especially in rustic and traditional rooms, buyers can also choose from glass or metal pieces. Glass top cocktail tables are a great option for the living room as they do not require coasters and are cleaned easily. They do not interfere with existing colors or styles and fit in well in diverse contemporary or transitional room decor. Metal is a nice way to mix up a room's texture and adds a nice touch of industrial flair or modernism.

Choosing a Color or Finish

Accent tables are just that, an accent. They can be used to pick up subtle colors in carpets, rugs, couches, or wall decor. Since these pieces are small, you can go with bold colors without overwhelming the eye. Living rooms tend to have a neutral color scheme, so most tables tend to be black, white, brown, walnut or espresso. But choosing a bright accent table is a nice way to break up monotonous furniture sets.

Whatever your living room table needs, we are sure to have a stylish option for sale for you.