Reclining Furniture: Chairs, Rockers & Gliders

Recliners are great pieces to add to any living room because they provide comfortable spots to relax. These pieces serve functions that range from offering total muscle support to providing the perfect style statement. Make choosing a recliner as stress-free as sitting in one by taking into account support, style, and price. More

How to Choose Recliners

Are you looking for a place to take a quick nap or somewhere to put your feet up for the big game? A recliner sounds perfect for you. Choose from numerous options that rock, push back or swivel in both comfort and style. These selections allow you to choose from a variety of colors, materials and designs great for your living room. So look no further for modern, traditional and transitional recliner models … and soon you’ll be ending your day in the most relaxing way.

Size & Budget

Because recliners vary in size, they can fit right into the decor of fully furnished or almost bare living rooms. To minimize the space they take up, many recliners also have retractable footrests. As you consider size, be sure to check that both the upright and reclined dimensions of the recliner will fit your space.

When budgeting for your recliner purchase, create a plan that ensures you're buying a quality item that isn't out of your price range. If you're in the market for seating that will last for years, more expensive, lush recliners are a great choice. Buyers simply looking for tasteful, functional accent pieces can opt for more affordable, practical choices. It's possible to find quality recliners in the $100, $200 or $300 price range.

Choosing the Style

Recliners offer different levels of comfort and convenience. Popular options include classic glider recliners, which gently sway like rocking chairs, and modern pieces with automatic functions. Lift and power chairs are great choices for ultimate relaxation, as their footrests move smoothly at the push of a button. Spacious options, like oversized recliners, have huge, plush cushions and can substitute as loveseats or small sofas. Many recliners also offer useful features, such as moveable backs, storage pockets, swivel chairs, and supportive headrests.

Color Selection

Color can liven up rooms and give them character, so feel free to play around with different shades. When adding recliners to living rooms that already have sofas or loveseats, choose pieces that fit the style of your existing furniture. For instance, plush, black recliners pair well with simple, traditional sofas, as do shades of burgundy, green, red or pale blue. The right recliner will also complement your space's design theme. Worn, light brown, gray, or beige leather recliners harmonize with the charm and warmth of a rustic living room.

Picking the Fabric

Quality recliners are designed with fabrics that offer comfort, strength, and appeal. For those that expect to use their recliners often, moisture-wicking and resistance to wear are good factors to consider. Most recliners are made of leather or microfiber upholstery. Microfiber surfaces are absorbent and easy to clean, while leather is durable and long-lasting. Materials also vary in appearance, as most microfiber fabric has a contemporary look, while leather often suits classic or rustic homes.