Navy Blue, Gray & White Living Room

Navy Blue, Gray & White Furniture Color Schemes & Decorating Ideas

Classic or calm, decorating a living room with navy blue, gray or white takes a lot of the guesswork out of balancing a design. These neutral colors work so well together, it's easy to create a room to fit any personal style.

Deca Drive Living Room Setnavy blue, grey, white living room set
Off-white sectional with navy blue and gray accent pillows, centered around a dark gray ottoman.

Solid navy blue and white decor is ideal when layering patterns. As demonstrated above, using a few patterned decorations against plain furnishings makes the prints more striking. This ivory sectional and gray ottoman are perfect for patterned pillows in matching hues.

Patterned wall art echoes the navy blue and white decor, making the room feel neat and complete.

Sofia Vergara Living Room SetSofia Vergara living room set with navy blue sofa, loveseat and chair
Tufted navy blue sofa with nailhead accents, matching loveseat and chair, and a modern glass-top coffee table on a white rug.

For a design with more energy, a navy blue sofa is a great focal point in rooms with mostly gray and white decor. In the room above, a lavish cobalt living room suite is the star of the show against white walls, ivory rug and chrome accent pieces.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetCindy Crawford living room set with navy blue sofa, loveseat and chair
Navy blue sofa, loveseat and chair with matching throw pillows, paired with a light gray rug.

Simple, tailored furniture is best in rooms with multicolored wall art and accents. Furniture with heavy textures or bold prints could make this space seem too busy. However, the clean lines of this navy blue decor let the artwork get the attention it deserves. The rug provides subtle dimension with its textural pattern.

Milano Living Room SetMilano living room set with navy blue leather sofa, loveseat and recliner
Reclining sofa, loveseat and recliner chair upholstered in navy blue leather and complemented by a navy blue, dark gray and off-white rug.

When working within a color palette full of cool navy blue and gray decor, the key is balance. This blue leather reclining set works flawlessly with light blue walls, brushed nickel lamps and a muted, mixed color rug thanks to a blend of textures and prints.

Designs with nothing but cool colors certainly look cohesive, but they may be a little cold without something to provide visual interest. By mixing reflective surfaces with matte ones, wood with metal, and sleek leather with nubby carpet, the design stays interesting and varied. Beige curtains, pillow and touches in the rug also help warm the space.

Mixing Colors and Textures

When decorating a living room with navy blue, gray and white, there are plenty of design options. With just a few tips under your belt, a variety of layered prints, dazzling centerpieces and textural elements you can achieve the look you desire. Whether you are going for a tranquil and relaxing or lively and inviting a polished look is easy to achieve with this versatile and forgiving color combination.