Brown, Black & Charcoal Living Room

Brown, Black & Charcoal Furniture Color Schemes & Decorating Ideas

Brown, Black and Charcoal Decor in Living Rooms

Decorating with brown, black and charcoal living room decor does not have to be daunting. Combining these neutral colors can add depth to a space with light walls and floors and make rooms more intimate and cozy. Brown, black and charcoal mix well with multiple hues and work with a wide range of furniture styles.

Sofia Vergara Living Room SetSofia Vergara living room set with brown sectional on charcoal rug
Dark brown sectional with black accent pillows and a brown wooden glasstop coffee table on a charcoal patterned rug.

Slate gray walls and light floors combine with deep brown living room decor to give this space an expansive feel that matches the view. The sleek, cherry brown sectional with black and silver toss pillows begs guests to sink in and relax under the city skyline. A curvy chrome lamp and charcoal rug complement the silver-accented seating.

Crescent Valley Living Room SetCrescent Valley living room set with charcoal reclining sectional
Charcoal reclining sectional paired with black and brown decor.

This charcoal living room decor is a movie lover's dream come true. White walls make the black, quilted sectional recliner stand out, while the curtains and wall decor connect the theme. The muted red and charcoal rug warms things up and sets the stage for the matching abstract wall art.

Fenway Heights Living Room SetFenway Heights living room set with black reclining sectional
Black reclining sectional on a light brown rug, with charcoal-colored decor.

The room above is the perfect example of art and design working together. The bridge painting draws the eye and creates a sense of flow with each piece of brown, black and charcoal decor. From the light tan rug and fog-gray accent tables to the mocha mirror frame and black leather sectional, each piece adds a page to this color story.

Vicenza Living Room SetVicenza living room set with charcoal sofa, loveseat and tables
Charcoal sofa with matching loveseat, chair and tables.

All that glitters is gold in the gray and charcoal living room decor pictured above. Black, mirrored accent tables and a deep charcoal sofa with chairs balance out the funky sunburst wall art while the golden brown toss pillows bring the look together. The addition of a modern geometric rug brings this look to a whole new level.

Lucan Living Room SetLucan living room set with charcoal sofa and loveseat
Charcoal sofa and loveseat with black wall decor and brown wood-and-glass tables on a light brown rug.

The charcoal seating, caramel accent wall and taupe rug above are great examples of using neutral colors to make a room seem larger. Lighter shades of charcoal, brown and black living room decor work with the natural lighting to give this small space an open and inviting feel; while the patterns and textures keep it feeling anything but neutral

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetCindy Crawford living room set with charcoal sectional and brown ottoman
Charcoal sectional with brown and black patterned accent pillows, paired with a dark brown ottoman.

Want your prints to pop? Give them a backdrop of neutrals, like the deep walnut ottoman and simple charcoal living room decor pictured here. The furniture's clean lines and solid colors allow the patterned cushions, chairs and rug to stand out, making this space a visual treat.

Milano Living Room SetMilano living room set with brown leather sofa, loveseat and recliner
Reclining sofa, loveseat and recliner chair upholstered in brown leather and centered around a patterned rug with charcoal and black streaks.

A few touches of a warm accent color against cooler hues bring a lavish touch to this design. Blonde hues in the curtains, rug and wall art take this gray and brown living room decor from potentially drab to absolutely fab.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetCindy Crawford living room set with charcoal sofa and loveseat
Charcoal sofa and loveseat with black and white accent pillows and a 3-piece set of brown wooden glasstop tables.

Worried that decorating with brown, black and charcoal might feel too harsh? One simple trick to lighten and brighten a space with dark walls, like the one above, is using fun textures and patterns. The plush black and cream rug and matching pillows add tactile elements as well as visual appeal.

Maximizing Visual Space

Black is visually heavy, so layering it with lighter shades of charcoal or brown decor is key. With a proper understanding of how color works to shape your space, you can use different tints and shades of these three hues to make any room attractive and welcoming.