Apartment Furniture & D├ęcor

Apartment living has unique challenges that offer plenty of opportunities to get creative with your interior design. Limited space doesn’t have to limit your style. No matter your preferred decor, creating an apartment that welcomes you home every day can be fun and easy when you learn to make the most of the space you’ve got. More

Furnishing an apartment can be a daunting task. As with most large-scale projects, the first step is to consider space and measurements. Our high-quality dining sets, living room suites and bedroom furniture for apartments feature a variety of sizes and shapes, so you're sure to find a stylish dream couch that can fit through the door and is sized just right for your room.

Size and Utility

Apartment sofas and settees offer smaller proportions than standard sofas, so these stylish pieces fit well into tight quarters. Sectionals are a great option for apartments since they provide more seats while monopolizing less of your floor plan. Pay careful attention to the configuration that will fit your space best. If you are looking for ultimate versatility, make it a sleeper.

Tables that nest with servers or do double duty as both dining room and a home office work station help you make the most of any space-challenged apartment. Lift-top cocktail tables offer the convenience of a raised surface for working on your laptop or grabbing a casual meal, and many offer under-lid storage as well.

Storage tables offer drawers or shelving for keeping books, magazines, games or other household items handy yet tucked away. And cocktail ottomans are available as a table surface, a comfy place to prop up your feet or instant additional seating when you are entertaining guests.

Room Layout

Room size isn't the only consideration. With an open floor plan, taking the time to design your furniture layout and apartment décor can also be useful. Whether you're trying to find ideas for maximizing your space or you've got rooms to fill, we can help you find the perfect furniture for your apartment. Figure out your traffic flow and where you might need extra lighting or an accent table, and then look at our broad selection to find just the right pieces for your new place.

When dining and living spaces are within eye-shot, coordinating the style and color scheme between the two spaces is important. While the pieces don’t have to be perfectly matched, finding furniture with similar lines and tones gives your apartment a cohesive look. Apartments tend to have neutrally colored walls and flooring. Some apartment complexes will allow you to paint your walls a different color but many do not. Add personal style to neutral spaces with colorful wall art and area rugs.

Short on budget? Slipcovers can unify disparate furnishings while eclectic accessories can offer a relaxed, unfussy and welcoming feel to your space that sets the stage for a room where disparate pieces have a curated feel and to make sense together. In seating, rugs, tables and ottomans, adding curves break up the boxy feel of apartment space. Plus, rounded corners ease movement around tightly grouped furniture pieces while occupying less space to let the room breathe.

Using Wall Space

Another option for making the most of apartment spaces is to go vertical. Shelving, bookcases and room dividers will give you a place to store items and display keepsakes without taking up much floor space. Dividers and screens can help separate areas in your home when you are looking to add privacy or remove distractions. Corner desks, closing armoire desks and bookcase desks add valuable workspace and storage to your apartment home. By making the most of your wall space, versatile home office solutions help you fit all of the functionality you need into your floor plan.

Smaller dining areas provide an opportunity for creative solutions. Look at rounded corners, distinctive shapes and counter height dining tables; these tricks visually expand your room and keep your space looking stylish and spacious. Kitchen carts, office carts and bar carts all offer stylish and valuable storage space that provides added versatility for an apartment home.