Dining Room Sets

Dining Table & Chair Sets for Sale

Find dining sets that come with five to seven or more pieces of furniture. Elegantly crafted wood, glass and metal tables are paired with complementary chairs, which feature high-quality upholstery or bare wood finishes. Rich, deep hues or light, softer colors adorn each piece in the dining set, all while adding to a modern, contemporary, traditional or casual design scheme. Whether they’re for typical family meals or the party of the century, our dining room sets are sure to delight everyone who takes a seat. More

How to Choose a Dining Set

Your dining room is the focal point of your household. Choosing the right furniture requires an investment of both time and money. There are many factors to consider, like sizes, styles, and colors. A variety of tables can be found for under $500, $300, or $200. Browse dining room sets for sale from designer brands like Cindy Crawford.

Here are some ideas to help you choose the perfect dining room set:

Size Restraints

The first step is to measure your room to make sure that you and your guests will be able to move around the table freely. You’ll also want to choose a table that’s large enough to provide elbowroom for guests and extra chairs to accommodate bigger gatherings. Knowing how much available space you have can help you decide whether you want a five, seven, or nine-piece dining room or dinette set.

Selecting Materials

For a super-sturdy dining room table, go with hardwoods like mahogany, walnut, maple, oak, or teak. Medium-density fiberboards are less expensive than hardwoods but they are not as durable.

Another possibility is a marble or glass tabletop. Beautifully crafted marble tables have a timeless appeal and are definite showstoppers. However, marble requires constant maintenance since it is bulky, heavy, and may crack or stain over time. Glass tabletops give you the flexibility to change your room decor or color schemes. Also, tempered glass is scratch, heat, and shatter resistant.

Industrial, composite tables are popular choices. These may contain metal elements of zinc, aluminum, steel, and cast iron. Combining these materials with wood, rattan, or medium-density fiberboards creates a pleasing, modern look.

Heights & Shapes

Once you’ve determined the size and material, it’s time to think about height and shape. Counter-height tables work well in small spaces, such as kitchens, where they can be utilized as extra working surfaces. However, if you have a large family, this is not the best choice.

Oblong and oval tables work well in oddly shaped rooms. Otherwise, you can go with more traditional options, such as round, rectangular, and square shapes.

Choosing Styles & Colors

Tables must balance form and function. Styles range from casual to formal and contemporary to traditional. Mixing or combining style elements and changing color schemes can update rooms without breaking your budget. Consider a two tone mix of cream and espresso, black and gray, black and white, black and red, or black and brown. Or go with uniform colorful options like:


When it comes to seating, there are many options to shop for, including traditional chairs, modern stools, and utilitarian benches. Traditional chairs with classic upholstery can be updated by simply changing the appearance of the cushions. If you have children, consider washable or stain-resistant options such as leather and microsuede. Another great option is to use durable, outdoor fabrics on your indoor seats. Stools are perfect for counter-height or traditional tables and can be tucked away to save space. Benches, on the other hand, add a modern twist while creating additional seating.

Accent Pieces

If space allows, you can add stylish accent pieces such as curio cabinets, china hutches, buffets, side tables, and servers. These pieces provide attractive storage for china or excess dishware and can also be used as an extra surface for food preparation and serving. You can buy these pieces a la carte, but buying them online as a set offers the best prices.