Chest of Drawers

Tall Dresser Chests

A bedroom isn’t complete without a study and chic chest of drawers. Fortunately, this selection of gorgeously designed classic and contemporary chests will have your room looking picture perfect in no time. Each bedroom chest gets the most out of your available floor space, making it easy to maximize your room’s potential. These chests come in a range of styles and colors, so you can find one for a master bedroom, child’s room or guest room with ease. More

How to Choose a Bedroom Storage Chest

Choosing a bedroom storage chest is similar to selecting a dresser or any other essential, larger bedroom piece. Storage chests, sometimes called gentleman’s chests, are vertically stacked drawers that are taller than they are wide. These trendy pieces are offered in a variety of luxurious styles, and their surfaces can be used for multiple purposes, like as a media console.

Size & Budget

Generally, chests are not too wide, which is nice for people who do not have a lot of space but still need storage. There are a variety of options that satisfy both form and function. When choosing a storage chest, keep in mind that they typically take up less floor space than dressers. Since both pieces are similar in price, you should determine which one works better in your room. Alternatively, if you have the space and budget, one of each can make a master suite complete.


Storage chests come in traditional, casual, contemporary, and transitional styles. Traditional chests are generally made of dark wood and feature rounded corners. Casual and contemporary styles have symmetrical lines and less embellishments, which work well over time. Transitional styles combine classic elements with modern twists. This design focuses on practicality and comfort, which make them attractive to today’s active families.

Colors & Materials

Typically made from wood, storage chests can be stained in any color, including natural hues or bright, eccentric shades like:

You also have the option to paint the wood to fit with different style choices. Choose pieces made from hardwood for durability or those constructed of composite woods to save money.