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Disney Furniture Collections - Bedroom Sets

Beds & Bedding

Embracing bedtime gets a bit easier when kids can hop into their very own Disney beds. A sleek racecar bed is perfect for ending the day at the finish line. Or, treat your child to regal relaxation with an elegant princess bed. For more Disney room ideas, choose blankets, pillowcases, and sheets featuring beloved fictional pals.

Shop Disney kids furniture for every stage of childhood. Nursery items and toddler beds including guard rails offer extra safety. Twin and full size beds suit older kids, while adjustable models grow with your youngster. To create a comfy spot for naps, try foam mats and plush throws. Our Disney bedroom ideas give them the rest they need before a day of play.

Fun & Games

From classic fairy tales to exciting new adventures, Disney-themed rooms give children a space to imagine and grow. Multi-bin organizers store toys and books, making cleanup a breeze. Try a dry erase art desk with magnetic letters to help them learn and explore their creative side.

Browse sets of sleeping bags, eye masks, and duffels for the ultimate sleepover. Vibrant slumber tents let kids take the party outside or have an indoor campout with friends. Disney-themed bedrooms also include accessories such as night lights for a warm, friendly glow.

Relaxing Disney Furniture

Put an enchanting spin on your child's Disney bedroom with a selection of cozy, functional furnishings. Sized just for them, recliners, sofa chairs, and bean bags featuring dancing princesses, swimming sea life, and cartoon cars add softness and charm to their decor. Hanging closets and colorful hampers are also delightful options to complete the ensemble.

Disney Kids Decor

Disney bedroom decor for walls, tables, and windows truly makes a kid's room the happiest place on Earth. Customize the look of a play area with borders, wall art, and paint-friendly stickers. For a practical and stylish addition to a Disney bedroom, brighten up dark corners using themed accent lamps or block sunlight during naptime with fun character curtains.