Trendy vs Classic Furniture Pieces

Posted In Design - 06/17/2020

When to Choose Trendy vs Classic Furniture Pieces

We all have that quintessential ‘House Goals’ Pinterest Board, our carefully curated collection of ever-changing trends and personal styles. But when it comes time for a major room update, these same inspirational pictures often backfire. Ultra-trendy rooms go out of style, and for the average person, updating your space every few years isn’t realistic. Coming to this realization can halt much-needed projects for months or even years based on the fear that your current obsession with an emerald green velvet couch will fade just as quickly as it came on.

The question becomes where should you indulge in Pinterest worthy pieces, and when should you opt for a more classic silhouette?

Our solution: the time/expense matrix:

Time: How long do you expect this piece to be in your house?

Expense: How much does this piece cost now and how much will it cost to replace once it goes out of style?

High time, High expense: This is where quality matters and timeless pieces can go a long way. Carefully consider your options. Invest in styles and colors that you will love for the next 10 years.

High time, Low expense: These are those items that you will always need, but don't cost that much to update. If you ever feel in a rut with your surroundings, take a look at some of these items. A simple update might add the freshness you were looking for.

Low time, High expense: While less common, these pieces are all about their resale value. Approachable, functional designs in classic colors will ensure that anyone could take them off your hands.

Low time, Low expense: Go wild! These items can fully embrace your style of the moment. Have fun with the bright pink patterned pillows or those mustard accent chairs. Just be sure to donate or resell them when you have moved on to the next trend so they can bring joy to someone else's life!

Of course, all of this will depend on you! If you are considering updating a room, take some time to fill out this matrix for yourself. Placing items on the matrix based on your needs will help bring some peace of mind when taking those style risks. Sometimes that green velvet couch is the move to make after all.

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