Trend Watch: Luxe Fabrics

Posted In Knowledge - 04/07/2017

Soft and supple, indulgent fabrics that feel as fabulous as they look are trending in today’s furniture.  Here’s a look at what they are made of and how to incorporate these eye-popping textures into your room.

Velvet, the term congers images of royalty or the wealthy because historically, all velvet was made of silk.  Velvet is actually a weaving method that results from clipping the loops of densely woven fibers to create a fabric with depth and a soft, plush feel.  The density of the weave is the key to the softness of the end product.  Made of everything from cotton to polyester, today’s velvets are more resilient, affordable, and easier to care for than traditional silk.  This versatile fabric has a decadently soft hand.  Synthetic versions tend to have a more glamorous look, are stain-resistant and colorfast. Natural versions lend a more casual appearance and require more fastidious care.

Suede is a very high end (and minimally used) fabric for furniture. Suede is made from the bottom layer of the leather splitting process. Once split the surface is “sueded” or rubbed to a napped finish with a velvety-soft feel.  Suede is typically extremely soft and pliable.  If you’ve owned a suede jacket or shoes then you are familiar with its properties.  Unfortunately, suede’s open-pore surface makes it highly susceptible to attracting dirt, absorbing liquids, and staining easily.  Typically it is reserved for pieces that are seldom used or can be professionally cleaned frequently.

Microsuede (Ultrasuede) is a man-made alternative to suede. This fabric is made from polyester Microfiber that has been textured, brushed or backed to give it depth and a plush suede-like feel. As with all Microfibers the weave extremely tight and dense, making it highly stain and water-resistant.  The result is a soft and supple fabric that is more durable than suede and virtually care-free, at a much lower price.

Create comfortable and inviting spaces in your home by incorporating these luxe fabrics throughout.

The quickest way to fill your living room with these sumptuous fabrics is with large upholstered pieces such as a Microsuede sectional or velvet sofa. These durable fabrics work exceedingly well providing easy-care, comfort and style to the busiest room in your home.

If you aren’t in the market for a sofa set, look for recliners or accent chairs.  Microsuede options are available in a wide variety of colors and styles that range from traditional to contemporary.

Add small touches to your room with velvet toss pillows or a Microsuede cocktail ottoman.

Don’t stop with the living room, enhance your bedroom with suede upholstered bed, embellish your dining room with Microsuede upholstered chairs or elevate any space with traditional velvet-covered bench.