Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Posted In Knowledge - 04/24/2020

Utilizing Space in Small Kitchens

When you’re working with a tiny kitchen, storage and counter space can be in short supply. Along with cramping your style and culinary creativity, a cluttered cooking area may lead to accidents when appliances are improperly stored. So what is a baker with limited square footage to do?

Whether you’re living in an apartment with a small kitchen or transitioning into tiny home living, making the best use of the room you have leads to a more enjoyable cooking and baking experience. If you’re hungry for extra counter space or looking to organize your cupboards, consider these small space kitchen ideas for a neater and chicer place to cook.

Small Kitchen Ideas

How to decorate a kitchen for fashion and function depends on the space you have. Some furniture and storage options work better than others for a narrow, galley kitchen or a room with a small footprint. Comparing furniture online is a great way to explore the possibilities, so we’ve compiled several small kitchen design ideas to get you started.

Downsize Furniture

Furnishing small spaces can be a challenge, but the right dining set makes even tiny kitchens feel spacious. Any small kitchen set will open up the room, but a table and chair combo with a few of these special features can help you get the most out of your space:

  • Bistro Dining Sets - Created with bustling sidewalk cafes in mind, bistro sets fit plenty of charm into a small package. These dining collections typically seat two to four. Square and round tables are most common, making them the perfect option to fit into a tight corner.
  • Backless Stools - For a table that makes navigating a tiny room as easy as possible, try a small kitchen set with backless stools. Minus a backrest, these seats easily slide under the table to keep walkways clear.
  • Modern Styling - Contemporary dining sets have simple shapes and clean lines that take up less room in a small kitchen. If your tastes run towards traditional decor, try a transitional dining table to combine classic style with modern, space-saving simplicity.
  • Storage Tables - Choosing a table that can double as storage is a smart tiny kitchen idea. Go for a compact model with built-in shelves to display plants, fresh fruit and decor, or try an option with drawers and cabinets to stow table linens.
  • Extension Tables - The ultimate table for small kitchen design would shrink or expand to fit your needs. This feature comes standard with drop-leaf tables, which offer a removable or fold-away leaf to make your table just the right size for brunch for two or a big family dinner.

Install Adequate Lighting

Properly lighting your small space can make it seem more open. Hang a small pendant over the table, install a ceiling fixture in the kitchen or stick LED strips under your cabinets. To make the most of one light source, try adjustable track lighting to direct light where you need it most.

Add a Pegboard

The best storage for small spaces takes advantage of areas you might otherwise ignore. A pegboard is a clever, inexpensive way to turn a blank wall into usable space. Hang odds and ends like pots and pans to free up your cabinets, or try hanging a basket for cooking utensils to keep everything easily accessible.

Use the Area Around the Refrigerator

That sliver of space between your fridge and the wall is a goldmine of untapped small kitchen organization potential. Use this spot to house a slide-out storage tower for cans and pantry goods, a narrow kitchen cart that extends your countertop or a folding step stool for reaching tall shelves.

Outfit Windows as Storage

Windows afford another opportunity to expand your storage for small spaces. Place pots of herbs on the sill and snip a few fresh leaves whenever you need them. To get even more out of your windows, mount a curtain rod with hooks for potholders, dish towels or cooking utensils. Hang items with bright colors or bold patterns to make a plain window into a fun focal point.

Try Free-standing Shelves

When it comes to saving space, restaurants use plenty of tricks you can co-opt at home. Take a cue from the professionals and add a shelf unit to your kitchen. Complement the style of your home with industrial metal shelves, a rustic wooden bookcase or ornate wire shelving to hold bulk-size pantry items, appliances and canisters.

Utilize Vertical Space

When outfitting a kitchen, most people only think about the horizontal space in which they can place furniture. What they may forget to consider is vertical space on the walls and above the appliances. Making use of otherwise empty areas packs more kitchen storage into a room than you might expect.

Looking for ways to use vertical space in your home? Get creative with any open spot you see. Hanging a shelf wherever one will fit, including on your backsplash or above a window, allows colorful jars or pretty china to do double-duty as chic decor. Are you an amateur sommelier? Try using a wall-mounted wine rack to showcase your selection.

Go for Magnetic Hanging Options

Counters fill up fast, so small kitchen ideas that also declutter your workstation are a must. Attach a magnetic strip to the wall to display your cutting tools and skip the bulky knife block. Likewise, a magnetic spice rack on the fridge keeps your favorite seasonings within reach while clearing off the countertop.

Consider the Tops and Bottom of Cabinets

If you’re searching for do-able renovation ideas, toe-kick drawers are ideal for tiny home living. These slim drawers fit into the baseboard area of your cabinets to use space that often goes to waste. Fill them with flat items like baking trays and frying pans to use every square inch to the fullest.

The top of your cabinets is also prime storage real estate. Out of reach for curious kids, the ledges above cupboards are perfect for trying out small kitchen decor ideas. Display beautiful but rarely-used serving platters, let vines and houseplants grow free or organize extra cooking supplies in woven baskets for a boho look.

Steal Space from Neighboring Rooms

If you need to squeeze more kitchen storage out of your floorplan, look to nearby rooms. Re-purpose a closet for overflow canned food, or add shelves and a curtain to a niche to create a pantry. Stylish mobile storage is another option. A bar or kitchen cart fits right into living room decor and can roll between rooms to serve drinks or act as bonus counter space.

Putting Tiny Kitchen Ideas into Practice

More than time, money or new gadgets, small kitchen organization requires looking at your existing room in a new way. Many of the tips and tricks featured here are easy and affordable to replicate at home. Simply evaluate the empty areas in your kitchen, take stock of what you have to store, and let your creative gears start turning.

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