Organizing a Bathroom Vanity

Posted In Knowledge - 08/27/2018

Why Organizing Your Makeup and Beauty Tools is Worth It

Makeup, styling tools, and all the other necessities of getting ready can easily take over even a large counter. Adding storage to the bathroom or vanity is an affordable way to solve many small problems that build to expense and hassle over time. Organizing your products can:

  • Cut clutter to free usable space on your countertop
  • Sort products to cut down on time searching for the perfect color or tool
  • Store items by order of purchase as a reminder to purge old makeup
  • Hold irons, brushes, and dryers neatly and safely to prevent damage
  • Improve the look of your room and contribute to your interior design

Anyone can benefit from a little extra storage. For ideas to organize a bathroom or vanity on a budget, read on.

Types of Storage

Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions to keep your collection of bathroom accessories orderly. Rotating towers, stackable drawers, and hanging holsters are all options, as well as repurposing kitchen organizers for vanity drawers and medicine cabinets. Whatever fits your needs and creates a space you love to use is the right choice.

Clear Totes

The packaging is often just as pretty and colorful as the product inside, so put great designs on display with clear containers. On a practical note, transparent drawers also make it easier to find things at a glance. Most totes come with several compartments of various sizes and tiers so you can quickly grab go-to items.

Drawer Dividers

Since the shape of many product containers makes them tough to stack, vanity or bathroom drawers are a good solution. The problem becomes keeping those drawers organized. For a custom solution, try removable dividers. These are great for making different configurations that fit specific tools.

Countertop Organizers

For things you use frequently, consider decorative trays. These pieces catch all of your pins, rings, and hair ties, keeping them neat and within reach. Choosing chic metal or mirrored trays gives a vanity or bathroom a serious style upgrade as well.

The counter is also likely your spot for any styling tools. Trailing cords and smashed brush bristles are rarely a good look, and improper storage can damage these investment pieces. Instead, try caddies that hide cords and allow everything to stand upright. Heat-proof stands are good for appliances, as they may prevent burns to you or your decor.

Hanging Storage

For those short on room, hanging baskets can solve troubles with crowded counters. Fix these bins to cabinets, doors, or walls to use every bit of room available.

Bathroom Trash Can

Don't forget the obvious addition of a small, stylish bathroom trash can.  A big part of staying organized is having a handy place to discard trash. . Fix these bins to cabinets, doors, or walls to use every bit of room available.  Tucking this piece under a  vanity or pedestal sink keeps it convenient and out of the way.

Where to Set Up: Bathroom or Bedroom?

Bathroom Storage

Some people prefer to get ready in the bathroom. With convenience for morning showerers, it can make a lot of sense. Still, with its limited space, humidity, and temperature changes, this room presents some challenges as well. If you have to set up shop here, we have a few storage ideas for bathrooms.

To add space when the cabinet and counter are full, consider plastic drawer trays to group items in one place. For more room, make use of an empty wall with an over-the-toilet organizer or shelving unit. If you must store makeup in the bathroom, a model with doors can help to keep dampness out.

A better option may be storing beauty products in a moveable caddy to transport between your bathroom and a closet elsewhere in the house. Dark, cool, and dry places are the safest spots to avoid bacteria growth in makeup.

Bedroom Vanity Storage

While small organizers work well in bathroom drawers, cabinets, or linen closets, larger ones are typically most suitable for bedroom decor. For those with space for a vanity, this piece of furniture can solve a lot of issues with storage in bedrooms.

There are several ways to get started. People with classic tastes may want to choose a richly stained wood vanity set with a matching stool. For a minimalist approach, hang a fun mirror over a small desk. Tuck sets of drawers underneath for even more chances for storage.

Another unique idea is to use open shelving, like ladder shelves, next to the vanity to create a tier of your favorite makeup and beauty accessories. For the true enthusiast, this may be the easiest way to keep everything at hand.

Get in the Habit

Organizing a bathroom or vanity and keeping it neat is a lifestyle change that happens gradually. Experts suggest it takes about 21 days to make a habit, so stay positive if you have trouble getting into a new routine. Just remember: properly storing beauty products saves money and time as well as making your room look as photo-worthy as you.

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