How to Set Up a Homeschool Classroom

Posted In Knowledge - 06/13/2018

Homeschool Room Ideas to Suit Your Student

Every child is unique, and learning spaces in the home should be, too. When deciding how to set up a homeschool classroom, consider your students' goals as well as your requirements as an educator. Parents who teach are fortunate enough to have a close relationship with their students and are quite aware of their children's learning needs.

Setting up an adaptable, dedicated, comfortable space for learning is instrumental in their success. While shopping for home-school furniture pieces, some items to consider include;

  • A sturdy desk and chairs for lessons
  • Bookcases and cabinets for storage
  • Craft bins, cubbies, and chests

How to Set up Homeschool Classrooms for Growing Kids

One key factor to note is age. If you're teaching young children at home, they'll need space to grow. Choose easily adapted items, so the room changes along with your kids as they get older. For example, pick cabinets and bookcases that can hold toys or workbooks for years to come.

Deciding on a Room

Some people dedicate an entire room for schoolwork, whereas others prefer a shared, multi-purpose space. For the latter, add a small homeschool desk to a section of your office. You can also include expandable storage in the kitchen for class materials, and let your child work at the counter on a comfortable counter height stool.

Basements and guestrooms are perfect for classes. With a dedicated space to arrange furniture such as desks, tables and shelves, it's easier for kids to keep their supplies and books at hand.

Another popular homeschool room idea is to use a formal dining area. Since these are usually large, open spaces, you can bring in bigger items, like a dry erase board or an easel.

Picking out a Homeschool Desk or Table

If your child will be working in a dining room or kitchen, tables can double as workspaces. Adding a smaller surface to a homeschool classroom provides a wonderful place for arts and crafts.

For children who need homeschool desks, there are several factors to consider, such as size, shape or color. Some parents let students pick out their workspace, which helps connect them to the classroom. A homeschool desk with a bright, cheerful tone helps make learning fun.

Choosing a Chair

Like homeschool desks, chairs are an important addition to the classroom. It's another great opportunity to let the student have fun in the decision-making process. Many colorful, comfortable desk chair and flexible seating options are available in designs to fit your children's needs.

Learning in Color

Color-coded supplies and workstations are also smart homeschool room ideas. Multi-colored storage boxes and cabinets can designate resources for various subjects. Use colorful tables, easels, or rugs to make distinct locations for playtime, math, reading, art and more. It's also a fantastic way to teach younger kids about colors.

How to Set up Homeschool Classroom Decor

While homeschool classrooms are ultimately for work, many parents prefer a more relaxed vibe than a traditional school. Sofas or beanbag chairs, with spacious area rugs to sit on, make relaxing storytime nooks.

Wall decor is an awesome way to keep your child engaged, too. Educational or motivational posters will encourage them. You could put up picture frames to display their own original artwork and inspire creativity or add bulletin boards to help students track projects and meet goals.

An Activity for Your Homeschool Room

Use the printable cut-out worksheets on this page to have some fun in your homeschool class. Teach your students how to arrange furniture in different rooms or help them plan their own homeschool room layout.

After coloring each piece with crayons or markers, students can practice furniture-related vocabulary by describing their classroom plan. Ask your child questions about items near, between, or around other pieces to work on prepositions and spatial awareness.

grid worksheet

bedroom worksheet

classroom furniture worksheet

kitchen worksheet

living room worksheet

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