How to Find the Right Size Couch for Your Room

Posted In Knowledge - 05/13/2017

Couch Size Guide

In order to choose the right couch size for your room, you must first measure your space, including the ceiling height. Next, think about what purposes your couch will serve. Are you going to be using it for entertaining in a formal area, or is it for marathon television watching and family cuddle time?

Some intuitions about sofa dimensions may be misleading. For example, a large couch can fit in a smaller room so long as its size is balanced by the height and shape of the piece. Taking the purpose of the sofa into account can ensure that you choose the perfect piece for your space.

Couch Dimensions


Measuring a sofa's height may seem pretty straightforward, but there is an overall height measurement, as well as chair or seat height, to take into consideration. For example, common couch dimensions include a 36-inch back paired with a 19-inch chair height.

A seat that measures lower than 18 inches may be difficult to get up from, especially with deeper sofas, and a higher seat height will leave feet hanging uncomfortably. If the ceiling is eight feet high, a low profile sofa will fit the space better. On the other hand, a high back sofa balances better with ceilings over eight feet tall.


The total width of a sofa takes into account the arms, which generally add about 10 inches, and the seat width, which is the area that can be sat on. In order to comfortably seat up to four people, it is recommended to have anywhere from 88 to 96 inches of seat width. Loveseats, which comfortably sit two, generally have between 47 to 55 inches of seat width.

Again, carefully measuring your available space is important. Purchasing an extra-long couch is pointless if you can't navigate around it when it's placed in your living room.

Carefully considering couch dimensions before you buy will help ensure your piece will look great and fit well in your space.


Depth is important to your overall comfort when choosing couch sizes. If you like to lounge back or sit with your feet tucked in, go for a depth that's at least 23 inches. For those that like to sit up straight, go with a shorter distance between the front of the couch and back cushion, perhaps around 20 inches.

If you want enough space to double up while lying down, make sure the inside depth measurement is more than 24 inches. Keep in mind that, for interior design purposes, extremely deep sofas don't look right in small spaces. If you do go with a deeper couch in a smaller space, look for one with low arms or visible legs to give an open, airy feel to the room.

Additional Considerations

The living room is often the most used space in a home. Likewise, your sofa will experience heavy traffic and is crucial to the vibe and activity of the room. Be sure to leave plenty of free space for movement around tables or chairs. For example, it's recommended to leave at least 12 but not more than 18 inches between a couch and a coffee table.

Also, seating arrangements should be grouped so that guests are within 10 feet of each other. This cuts down on the need to shout across the room to be heard.

While all of these measurements may seem like a lot, keeping them in mind can take so much stress out of finding a new sofa. Know that your piece will look great and fit well in your space when you shop armed with a knowledge of couch size and dimensions.

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