How to Find the Right Size Couch for Your Room

Posted In Knowledge - 05/13/2017

Couch Dimensions: Choosing the Right Sofa Size

Furnishing a small apartment, living room, bedroom, den or home theater can be frustrating, especially if you discover that the gorgeous, comfy couch you've chosen is the wrong size. To find a sofa that will match the dimensions and style of your space, you'll need to understand average couch sizes and how to take measurements of the room you're decorating.

Sofa Sizes: How Big is a Couch?

Couch sizes are larger than loveseat sizes. You might assume that they belong in large and small spaces, respectively, but this isn't always true. Check seating measurements carefully to ensure that your new couch will look great and fit well in your space. The following sofa size calculator breakdown illustrates how style and design can affect couch dimensions in inches.

Standard Couch Length

Couch length measures the longest part of the sofa spanning from arm to arm. While the general range for sofas is between 72 and 96 inches, the average couch length is roughly 84 inches long. Sleek armless sofas may be on the lower end of the scale, while traditional couches with thick rolled arms are likely to be on the higher side. Meanwhile, loveseats are typically between 48 and 72 inches long.

Average Sofa Height

Couch heights mark the distance between the sofa's highest point and the floor. Depending on their shape, most sofas and loveseats are between 30 and 36 inches tall. Classic arched couches may be on the taller side, while transitional sofas with high corners and a reverse-camelback design may be slightly shorter. A modular sofa built without legs will likely have the lowest height measurement.

Couch Width

Sofa width or couch depth comes from measuring the outside edge of the couch all the way to the back, as well as the space between the front of the sofa seat and the couch's back cushion. Narrow or overstuffed seats may be around 31 inches wide with a seat about 21 inches deep. Curved couches and other deep sofas are usually closer to 40 inches wide with a 26-inch seat.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Sofa?

Once you understand the typical dimensions of most couches and loveseats, the next step is to figure out which size seat fits your space. Measuring the small room or larger open floor plan you want to furnish can narrow your search and keep you from choosing a couch that is too big or too small. Grab a notepad and a tape measure and mark down the figures listed below:

  • Length: If you plan to set your sofa against a wall, it is essential to know how long the wall is. These measurements can help you understand what sofa length would fit. From there, decide whether you want to fill in the entire space with a wide sofa or if you prefer a small room couch that will leave a little extra room for floor lamps and end tables.
  • Height: Figuring out how tall the walls are can help you determine whether a taller or shorter sofa would be a better fit for the space. Choose a high-back couch to take up more room between the floor and ceiling, or opt for a low-profile sofa that is closer to the ground, leaving plenty of space for wall art and decor.
  • Width: Measuring the space between opposite walls lets you know what couch depths can fit without making your layout feel too crowded. If you plan on purchasing a reclining, trundle or sleeper sofa that extends into the center of the room, you'll need to take these measurements into account.

Finding a Sofa that Fits: Stylish Suggestions for Every Room

After you learn the sizes of various sofas and calculate the proportions of your space, it's time to go shopping. Keep your room measurements handy to help eliminate the stressful guesswork that can come with picking out furniture. Use the sofa size chart and your room dimensions to guide your search for a comfy couch that suits your space.

Apartment-Sized Sofas

Your apartment furniture should be roomy enough to help you relax, yet small enough to avoid overcrowding. Cramped layouts are a concern in studio apartments that combine living room, dining room and bedroom furniture in an open floor plan. Opt for small-space seating such as modest sofas and sectionals and space-savers like storage sofas or ottomans to optimize your square footage.

Bedroom Sofas

Need a small couch for a bedroom? Add a convertible sofa or loveseat to your bedroom set. A sleek futon is perfect for extra dorm room seating. In a larger guest room, a chaise or convertible small sofa bed provides maximum comfort for overnight guests. Whichever size couch you choose, make sure to leave plenty of space between your new sofa and the bed, nightstands, and dresser.

Kids' Room Couches

When shopping for children's furniture, choose pieces that are bright and colorful and sturdy enough to support the occasional rambunctious pillow fight. Pick out a cozy kids' couch for your little one's bedroom reading nook or video game area. If you need playroom seating, try a plush beanbag chair or an ottoman that converts into a comfy sofa and play mat for the floor.

Den Sofas

To furnish a den, focus on the room's purpose. If you plan to use it as a study or home office, a simple modern couch or sofa chair offers a comfortable spot for work breaks. For a home lounge, consider a sleek contemporary sofa for a more glamorous look. In a den game room, supple leather loveseats with cup holders are ideal for video game tournaments.

Family Room Couches

As the hub of the house, your family room needs couches that keep everyone comfy. Spacious sectionals provide plenty of elbow room, while full living room sets let you decide whether you want to kick back in your recliner or snuggle up with your loved ones. Be sure to leave room for coffee tables, footstools and accent chairs.

Home Theater Seating

Establishing a home theater in your basement or living room requires a TV stand and plush media room seating to keep film lovers cozy during movie marathons. Luxurious reclining leather sofas with storage compartments for drinks and snacks give your set-up the polished look and feel of a traditional movie theater. Low-maintenance leather upholstery also makes cleaning up spills a breeze.