Hosting Guests for the Holidays

Posted In Design - 11/05/2016

Holiday time is often a time for visits from friends and family. If your house is big enough to have extra rooms, then you likely have a furnished guest bedroom ready and waiting for out-of-towners. However, many of us successfully host guests in the family room or office with a pull-out sleeper sofa. Either way, with a little preparation and forethought, there are plenty of quick and easy ways to make sure your guests feel at home during their visit.

Make Space

Even if you have a guest bedroom, chances are you are also using that space as a catch-all for projects, extra closet space, sewing or crafting room, etc. To help welcome your guests, go through the room, cleaning and decluttering. Storage benches and storage cabinets are terrific places to temporarily stow away personal items, projects and other knickknacks that might be in your guests’ way. The same especially holds true if your guests will be sleeping in the family room or den.

Be sure to leave space in drawers and closets (including hangers) for your company to unpack their bags and live comfortably for their stay.

Refresh linens

Unless you have frequent houseguests, chances are your linens have been sitting on the bed or in the linen closet for months. Even when clean, linens can take on a stale smell when stored for a period of time. Your guests will sleep better if you refresh their linens by running them through the wash just before they arrive.

Have what they need

Like a hotel or spa, offering more than towels and washcloths will make your guests feel extra pampered. Have hospitality items in a basket for them like sample-sized soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and shaving cream as well as razor and toothbrush. 

Count the seats

Be sure you have enough places for everyone to sit and spend time together. In the living room, if your sofa or sectional doesn’t offer enough space for guests to join in, accent chairs can add extra seating for guests, or ottomans can be versatile doing triple duty as seating, footrests, and coffee table – with many offering storage space. In tight quarters, a side chair from the kitchen or dining room can be pulled in to accommodate extra people. 

If you’ll be dining at home, be sure to plan for extra people. If you need extra seats and don’t want to purchase additional dining chairs, mix in some folding chairs, desk chairs or patio chairs so everyone has a spot.

Just a few quick steps will feel like an extra mile to your guests, helping them feel comfortably welcomed and allowing everyone to enjoy their time together.

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