Getting Organized: Bedroom

Posted In Knowledge - 09/07/2018

Though tucked away in a secluded portion of your home unseen by guests, keeping an efficient and organized bedroom makes a big impact on your life. As the foundation where you begin every day, an organized bedroom will help you wake up with the best possible mindset to conquer the day’s challenges and enable you to get each day started on the right foot.

Begin your organizing with these easy and cost-free steps:

  • Give away or toss what you don’t use.
  • Sort out off-season wardrobe items for separate storage.
  • Move non-bedroom items out and store them in other parts of the house.
  • Make your bed daily – it’s a quick and easy way to declutter the look of your room.

Once you’ve pared things down, you’ll have a better idea of what you need to store. Your next step is to find ways to use your current storage as efficiently as possible and invest in items that will help round out your bedroom set and expand your storage space.

Optimize the Storage You Have

Drawer organizers – socks and underwear drawers are notorious for getting messy and slowing you down on busy mornings. Organize your drawers with drawer dividers or honeycomb-style organizers.

Closet systems – Make the most of your closet with a closet organizing system or extra shelving. Keep your garments handy and organized by grouping long items on one side of the closet (coats, dresses, suits) and shorter items on the other (shirts, folded pants, skirts). Now you can utilize the space below the shorter items either adding a second bar or shelving, whichever fits your needs best. Next, put your least frequently used items on the highest shelves, keep well-used things in easy reach; include a stool in your closet for easy access to tucked-away items. Store off-season clothing and extra linens in drawers under the bed, on top closet shelves or in an extra closet in another room.

Shoe rack, shoe tree or shoe ladder – keep your shoes in their best shape and easy to find with a shoe organizer. Double the space at the bottom of your closet with a couple of shoe shelves.

Round out Your Bedroom Set to Add Storage

Look at your bedroom pieces and add missing items that will offer extra storage including a dresser stack, nightstands, chest of drawer, storage bed, storage bench and media stand.

Storage beds and headboards – bed frames that boast under-bed storage make the most of unused space and are a great place to store extra linens and off-season clothing. Headboards with built-in bookshelves and compartments offer valuable space to keep books, clocks and bedside necessities handy and organized.

Swap out your night table for something biggernight tables keep a few things handy, but they don’t help you stay organized. Choose a two-drawer nightstand instead or if you need more storage space, upgrade to a small dresser.

Media stand – many bedroom sets offer matching media chests to keep your bedroom TV and media organized. Even if you only have a cable box to store, the stand will offer additional storage space for linens, accessories or other bedroom items.

Dresser stack – add a couple of extra storage drawers with a dresser stack, attaching to the top of a matching dresser many offer a contemporary asymmetric look.

Bedroom chest – a chest, chest of drawers, bureau or gentleman’s chest typically have a profile that is taller and more narrow than a dresser. This is a valuable addition if you are tight on floor space by increasing storage space with a vertical stance.

Accessories and Extra Pieces

Look for extra pieces that might not be part typical bedroom sets to add extra storage and utility to your room. When shopping for these pieces you can choose to match similar wood tones to the furnishings you have already or choose contrasting finishes to create an accent in your room.

Bookshelves – not just for living rooms and home offices, bookcases can help you keep things organized, utilize baskets and boxes on lower shelves to conceal clutter.

Storage bench – placed at the foot of your bed, a storage bench offers the perfect place to keep throw pillows and extra blankets handy while doubling as a handy spot sit when you lace up your shoes.

Jewelry armoire – jewelry and wardrobe accessories are best kept in specialized jewelry organizers which offer compartments for laying out necklaces, pairing off earrings and nestling rings. Some dressers or chests will come with top drawers offering felt-lined jewelry organizers if you have a larger collection can pick up a jewelry armoire to keep your pieces easily accessible and in top condition.

Convenient hooks, hall tree or clothes valet stand – have an easy place to hang tomorrow’s outfit or keep last-minute wardrobe changes off of the floor.

Streamline morning prep with a vanity and stool – a vanity that provides drawers, mirror and power outlets help you keep all of your make-up and hairstyling accessories stowed and organized yet handy. A pivoting mirror helps you see all angles while prepping for the day.

Add a storage cabinet – accent cabinets can make a beautiful addition to your bedroom while offering extra space to keep you organized. Pick something that complements the colors of your room, and consider whether you need extra drawers or shelves before you shop, some cabinets offer both.

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